Bin Night

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  • Fuck, it was bin night on Monday and I was going to post something funny about it and forgot.

  • In Germany real binnists spare no expense to protect their bins from thieves, or worse: rain.

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  • In Germany, you can tell how important bin culture is by Thier use of the word 'bin'.

    'Ich bin' literally means 'I use a bin and therefore exist'

  • Radio 3 just gave a shout out to Bin day (one of the listeners) - 1017 (Tues am)
    On here?

  • Bins due out tonight. Grey and very, very full. Almost unbearable tension.

  • Last night my wife put the bins out, but bin night is Wednesday. I'm just so embarrassed. Who have I married?

  • in some ways that's a re but in many other ways it's not been posted enough times

  • I bin therefore I am.

  • ironically, it is we english speakers who have the cumbersome and wordy construction to express such a beautifully simple concept

  • ironically

    Why is that ironic? Because you once again think you are the center of something? Is the English language supposed to be the language of bin culture? Self-important pricks, the lot of you.

  • no, because german has the long words. long, long words. so many of them.

    you're an english speaker anyway, you're up to your ears in this

  • I know right. And we beat all around the houses (mixing metaphors!) when they have it stated so simply

  • Perhaps some Thread t-shirts in the offing?
    Ich Bin

  • Up to my belly button, at best Wurst.

  • Yes, perfect to go with the PBAS hats, the LFGSS Summer Cap, and the "Cycling in the time of Corona" snoods & facemasks.


    1. rhb

  • Something like 'Ich Bin: LFGSS Bin Owners Club'.

    Although has that point been covered? Do we own our bins or merely look after it for the next generation?

  • I had a nightmare last night. Dreamt the lorry came early and my bins were missed. The worst bit was looking everywhere on the street for my bins which I thought had been stolen before I realised they were still in my back garden.

  • I filled the brown bin with soil and rubble this week, unaware that they’re not meant to take that. Bin weighed half a ton.

    They took it anyway. Legends.

  • nietzsche famously asked: "whither Binnkultur?"

    yet are the last two posts not a resounding confirmation of the existence (and indeed existing-ness) of Jung's Abfallmensh?

    the bin persists, truly in and of itself, while bin night is just one of an infinite number of bin states that simultaneously are, and are not

  • Blimey, not far from me.

    Some kids sometimes take a blue paper bin from our road and burn it in the nearby woods. This is much worse than that.

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Bin Night

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