Bin Night

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  • I'd be (b)incensed about this.

  • Some people lack bin sense.

  • Black bins not done yesterday with the rest so they are all in the street all day on the off chance there will be a Saturday collection. My heads gone.

  • Binsanity!

  • ftfy

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  • Everyday is like Bin Day
    Every day is silent and grey

  • I'm not content to leave you be on bin night
    Bin, I want you to be clean all of the time
    The only time I feel alright is by your side
    Bin, I want you to be clean all of the time
    Bin day is after bin night
    Bin day is after bin night

  • The more I kiss you (Bin night)
    The more I miss you (Every night)
    My love's too big for (Only Bin night)

  • My bins have been emptied this morning but I'm not happy. They have abandoned them on the narrow pavement rather than on the drive where they would be out of the way of passing pedestrians and they have left one of the lids open!

  • Time for a strongly worded letter

  • What do you wear on your feet for bin night?

  • I have specific bin crocs in colours to match whichever bin or bin contents I am moving at the time.

  • Blue deck shoes that have seen better days.

  • Whatever is available is my goto choice.

  • That's not living, that's merely existing.

  • I'm sorry to have let you all down.

    I do have 4 bins though.

  • in my culture, the bin putter-outer selects two pieces of that night's rubbish and raises them aloft. a village priest then puts them on the putter-outer's feet while the rest of the community prepares a feast, sings, and paints iconography related to castleford tigers' brilliant but ultimately unsuccessful 2017 season.

    once the bins are collected the next, the feast may be eaten.

  • In my culture, the eldest male is selected for the task of emptying the bins from the house into the outdoor bins. Of taking the bins to their emptying place beyond the fence. Of ensuring they are lined up so the collectors can easily see the food bin and not miss it for a week.
    Of looking down the street to check the rotation matches the population. And then of coming inside. The locking of the door routine is repeated a number of times in recognition of the anxiety the first binner must have experienced.

    This task is handed down the male lineage, on the y chromosome. In this house, there will be no binner in the next generation.

    And so there will be no ceremony of handing on this task to a male who comes of age.

    There is no ceremony for shoes. Shoes are a distraction to the task of keeping the house refuse free.

  • Getting the bin back in, I always wait until our yellow-clad dusty warriors are well out of the way.

    You should never meet your heros.

  • ^ this.

    We didn't take part this week once again, but two days on I noticed an absent neighbours bin still out so I brought it in for them.

  • We had a special bin day today. Not only did normal collection occur, two nice men came in a special lorry just for us to take away our old fence and garden waste. They were efficient, hard-working, chirpy, nice to the dog and boy and glad of a nice cup of tea. Been smiling for the rest of the day.

  • bin night was the same night as clapping night right? but clapping has stopped so what night is bin night now?

  • An anthem for our cause.

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Bin Night

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