Bin Night

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  • is this one of those pictures like the whitegoldblackblue dress?

  • Well now I want a gold wheelie bin

  • And then five appear all at once!

  • I genuinely don't think I've seen a fuschia bin before.

    Leonard Fuchs is long dead, but I’d like to think that the spinning coming from his grave powers a nearby town:

    fuchsia /fūˈshə/
    Any plant of a S American genus (Fuchsia) of the family Onagraceae, with long pendulous flowers typically red or purple
    A reddish-purple colour
    Of a reddish-purple colour
    ORIGIN: Named after Leonard Fuchs (1501–66), German botanist

  • I knew I should have checked my fuching spelling

  • A fuchsia bin played a prominent role in episode 7 of the BBC television show Normal People. In a tense close up scene, the lid was opened, items deposited, then almost immediately, the lid was closed again. The scene was set in Sligo, Ireland.

  • bins dragged

    You monster

  • That bin cameo was the best thing about that show.

  • Currently sitting in my front room watching the garden waste (green) bins that have not been emptied yet. As soon as they are I can get on with filling them up again.

  • you can't put a price on big screen entertainment like that

  • Csb: the larger organisations I worked for always had a marketing person who'd calculate the equivalent ad cost price of free media exposure. The rare times that we the minions got free exposure we were briefly feted as demigods for our value adding service to the cause.


  • I remember this. A high point of the show for me.

  • My bastard neighbour put his rhododendrons in my fuchsia bin.

  • Finally, they have just been!

  • As a binman myself, i wish people would obsess more about the positioning of their bins on collecting day. Also people who put all their trash separately in their bins instead of using trash bags annoy me a lot, especially if they overfill their bins as well.

  • With the imposition of a bank holiday, I have to wait. Another. Whole. Day.

  • As an insider, please talk us through the ideal bin position. I like to think that mine is pretty good but always looking to improve.

  • We could talk about the repositioning roadside after they've been emptied too? Crews are busy so understand, but there is always a devastating trail of chaos here on black blue green weeks.

  • Well as i live in the Netherlands, we probably have different bin systems as in the uk. My city mostly works with side loading trucks. On the side of the truck is an arm that can pick up two bins at once. If the bins are neatly put in a straight line on the curb, I don't have to touch the bins at all and the driver can empty them, putting the bins back in the exact same spot.

    As for the chaos after the bins are emptied, as long as the sidewalk is free for wheelchair users, i don't see the problem. Putting all the bins neatly back after emptying them would simply take too much time.

    Also only having to wait 1 more day to get your bin emptied because of bank holidays seems pretty great. In my city they would be collected either the Saturday before or after.

  • Wait a day because of a bank holiday? Not here. My landfill and recycling collections are on a Monday and they still come when it is a bank holiday.

    All the bin lorryies I've ever seen in the UK have been rear load.

  • Thank you for this perspective.
    It is a great day when we can compare Bin Night across borders.
    Truly, Nation shall speak Bin Talk to Nation.

  • Might be blasphemy, but how about underground bins, are those a thing yet in the uk? There are 2 of these on my street. I open them with a pass and put my rubbish in. My colleagues drive a truck with a crane to empty these. I never have to worry about forgetting to put my bin out or overfilling my bin.

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  • I've not seen them for residential purposes, although some newer developments might have them. Seen a few in public spaces.

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Bin Night

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