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  • A place to celebrate Bin Night, rapidly becoming one of the highlights of each week for all of us except the golf club crew who have staff to deal with this sort of thing.

    Wednesday is Bin Night here, Brown bin only this week for bottles & cans. Was 5th out of 8 houses to line up tonight. Rock 'n Roll.

  • Someone stole our bin the other day, we we're outraged for 15 minutes until we found it.

  • shit it's grey bins for us tonight i forgot nice one!

  • bury council 4 bins represent BIG UP

  • just as day follows night, he is risen!

  • If anyone has lost a food waste bin, we’re looking after it for you.

  • Happily, there is going to be a green bin collection on Monday. The house next door is sold, but unoccupied. I have plenty more garden waste.

    It's fine to fill their green bin and leave it out, right?

  • I’ve finally got around to ordering desk and chair from rocker via Argos delivery for continued home working. My set up is sweet with two monitors, laptop for triple screen coverage. I’ve even managed to segregate plastic from cardboard packaging for recycling collection today. I’ll be ringing bells when it’s all whisked away.. will be highlight of my week so will clap for the bin men this evening

  • actually a huge power move ^^

  • guys just runnign round the house gathering up all the smaller bins from bedrooms etc. because it's grey bins TODAY brb

  • Fuck bin day - this week it's ruined my life. There must have been a hole in Monday's green bin bin truck. All the streets round our way are now littered with piles of small bits of glass in the middle of the road. Don't they realise my 320tpi supple rubber can't handle this kinda crap! I'm raging.

  • Our neighbours have moved out - getting great use from their recycling bin

  • I'm outraged on your behalf. Glad you found it though.

  • It's fine to fill their green bin and leave it out, right?

    Provided you bring it back in.


    P.s. this is Bin **NIGHT** thread. Bin Day thread >>>>>>>>>>>>

  • I'm raging.

    I'm with you.

  • grey collected, as was brown. there was compacted ORGANIC MATTER at the bottom of the brown that didn't make it into the bin lorry but in these STRANGE and UNCERTAIN times, i'll roll with it

  • have a great bin night tonight guys if its you're bin nght ok god bless

  • Do we need a separate thread for those of us to show off our bin decorations? The binmen must appreciate it, surely!

  • Pics or didn't happen.

  • The horror of having Bin Night clash with NHS clap night though....

  • Once we have the Bin subforum in place I think that will be a popular thread.

  • Where ya wheelie bin?

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Bin Night

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