• Current fork is tapered but I might go with an inset bottom race with a straight steerer to offset the additional stack. Love the BB fork but not sure what the 32mm rake is gonna do to the handling.

  • Good call, I'll try to score me one if I find some money

  • yes, height is tricky if you are so inclined to keep it minimal. larger road forks like older genesis equilibrium disc forks could take 35mm tyres. if you wanted to go disc.

    i just checked for reference, my kinesis cx canti forks clear 38mm tyres but yes : a-c is just over 40cm.

  • Still refining and I'm sure gravel kings are not enough for the season now but here is my contribution to the thread! can't believe I've just found this.

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  • Quick update on the Pre-Cursa tracklocross. Had the rear disk running happily for a coupe weeks with the help of the A2Z adapter! Had to drill out the hole to fit the axle, bit of (lots of) adjustment and its now running sweet! No punctures as yet but we will cross that bridge. The bike is tons of fun and it goes anywhere. Got some fresh nobblys and a Sturmey 104bcd crankset on the way for some small ring action ;) Oh and it has a dope rack occasionally. Apologies for the bad pics but had to share the stoke

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  • I think my Giant Bowery can go here.

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  • Any recommendations for strong rims To take a beating off road?

  • By the way I am looking for a nice 27.2 post that would work with my saddle rail. If anyone has 1 lying about HMU.

  • Put some G-One on my beloved Thrasher V2 //

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  • tracklecross

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  • Edit: wrong thread

  • Love these volume frames.

  • Buddy of mine had a Surly fork laying around and threw it on with some Kenda Small Blocks

    Then found an EA70X fork

    Finally threw some Bon Jon Pass' on it and rides like a dream

  • kitchen island shape gave me a flash back to the OG vid


  • An alloy rear rack weight about 750g.

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  • This was posted on the SSCX thread, but it wasn't appreciated as most of the people on there are really lame. Ted James' multi-purpose off-road bike.

  • Hahahah ye I was going to say I liked it in the other thread. I think it's pretty cool. Not sure about the seat though.

  • The aesthetics of it are pretty challenging.

    I'm sure functionally it's exactly what he wants. But it looks like unicorn poo, which isn't for everyone.

  • Lockdown build

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Off-road / gravel / mud fixed-gear bikes (whisper: tracklocross)

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