Off-road / gravel / mud fixed-gear bikes (whisper: tracklocross)

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  • Since @Eamesy sullied the fixed-road thread, why not have the fixed-offroad thread the masses have been pining for?
    Their lovely example:

    My overposted Dolan:

    Brief: fixed gear bike intended for use off-road, obviously

  • Any excuse to post my bike!

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  • Bit of history:

  • not to be confused with 63 fixed.

  • Old one of mine

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  • 23mm, but ridden this a fair bit off road.

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  • Was actually thinking we needed this thread!

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  • Stem and bar id on that. Looks lovely.

  • @Eingangs old Orlo

  • Stem looks like a syntace 25.4mm clamp stem. Lovely stems, would recommend!

  • I can get behind this thread...

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  • So no rules about handlebars and pedals in here then?

    I've been running an alternate rear wheel with a more skid friendly tyre on this lately but put it back to full gravel mode for a photoshoot the other day.

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  • Stripped it down as soon as I got home from that and have now painted it. The effect is a bit inconsistent but I’m happy with the results...

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  • Niiiiice! I think the inconsistency actually looks really cool and adds to it.

  • I need to do cracklepaint. Was this Montana @M_V?

  • love a tonic

  • Yeah, fluro gleaming pink base, from the Gold range then the Gentian blue over the top.

    I think being heavy handed with the crackle stuff makes for the biggest cracks/most noticeable effect.

    The low pressure thing with the gold paints makes it kinda difficult to work with. Would probably try a white range paint as the base next time.

    I got frame and forks out of the pink and it's done but there's plenty more of the crackle stuff left.

  • Cheers. I'm pretty happy with it. It's maybe more interesting coz its not consistent?

  • Trek hybrid thing with CX disc fork, hydraulic brake, 38c GKs. Built up for riding the jurassic coast/BITW last year but mostly used as a pub bike now..

  • Reader's

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  • Cool. What is it?

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Off-road / gravel / mud fixed-gear bikes (whisper: tracklocross)

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