FS - Surly Midnight Special 56cm

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  • Are you getting RX4? I'd have thought you need to use BH-90 with R8020 ..

  • Yes I am. I do have these hose already, just weighing up my hose options

  • Depends really. It's one of those things most people won't really experience. Unless you're very heavy with the brake, the expansion just won't be so dramatic that'll make the brake worth it.
    Same in the motorbike world. Braided is nice, but even superbikes come with standard hoses. If you really egg it on, you'll want them.

  • You are over thinking it :)

    They look nice. The brake feels different. Not better, really, just quite different.

    (Yes I’ve used them. Is it worth the money / hassle? Not at all.)

  • That color sounds and looks awesome!

    Whats the purpose of those upper eyelets on teh forkz?

  • This is lfgss, of course I'm overthinking it! I have to create pointless posts.
    Just to stir the pot some more, I do run braided.

  • Whats the weight of this frame if i may ask?

  • Got this out of the bike shop last night, installed the front rack (bit of a faff) and got the kid seat installed....then got out this morning.

    Great ride over some classic nearby Bristol trails. Really happy with how it feels. Can’t think of much I’d want to change. Might swap the stem over for an Easton one to match seatpost, possibly look at wider tyres to....just because there’s room.

    In terms of looks, I probably over cooked the Hope anodising colouring selection, but I blame too much time in front of a screen during lock time.

    Flat pedals were a good choice.

    Second ride later with the family. My eldest is excited.

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  • Black tape and saddle would make the anodised stuff look better, man I miss Ashton court

  • Agreed, together with black rotors imo.

    Nice one!

  • Ah nice to see. I have ordered also a MS. Going for similar bits - but planing an oldschool Yeti inspired build. Great to read through the feed as this answers my headset questions ! Happy riding - great build !

  • I had higher expectations for this!

  • Also interested to hear frame weight. Are they considerably heavier than your average alu groad bike?

  • Update on the SMS. I Love it. Ive really enjoyed finding new paths and trails in Bristol on it and nothing has held me back. It just keeps on going.

    The only changes I’ve made were some bigger tyres and swapped the seatpost to a hope carbon seatpost and added a easton ec90 stem with integrated wahoo mount....I just need a handlebar bag and I’m set.

    I think one of the things I most like about it is the relatively race bike orientation of the geometry.

    Get one.

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  • Glad you like it. They really are brilliant aren't they! Still missing mine.

  • It’s been more than two months now. Dibs.

  • @kboy. You know me well.... but I’m keeping this one.

    For ref. I have bought and sold another bike since building this.

  • Thinking it’s about time to sell this. Since moving to cornwall I’ve used it three times!

    Original wheels have been sold and am running some non flashy / functional 650bs and WTB horizons. No pedals. Saddle is a fabric scoop flat.

    What’s a fair price to list this bad boy complete?

  • Okay. Going to start with £ courier delivered before trying eBay

    Surly MS 56cm frame
    Full Ultegra 8020 group
    Chainset 172.5 I think 46 / 30 x 11-30
    Calipers are hope rx4 black purple bore caps
    Hope purple headset
    Hope carbon seatpost
    Hope 160mm floating black
    Easton 110 ea90 stem with wahoo mount
    Easton evo bars
    Wheels 11 speed shimano. Joytech hubs, jalco 23mm asymmetrical tubeless with black brass nipples. Horizons loaded, but will throw in specialized 2.2 fast track.

    Let me know if I’m off the mark, but as you can see from the spec, it’s a nice build.

    Haven’t ridden the bike much so gear is in great Nick.
    More pictures to follow.

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  • £

  • Removed - Now on ebay

  • Removed - Now on ebay

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FS - Surly Midnight Special 56cm

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