Another Dutch classic

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  • It's starting to come together!

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  • Those tyres arnt staying

  • Very nice, those cranks look great on it

  • Looking great already, I particularly like the wheelset. Any idea of the BB drop at all?

  • Correct tyres fitted.

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  • Il be making custom bags for it and here's part of the bracket on the front

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  • Ooh. Interesting bar tape choice in the 1991 gazelle catalogue. Tempting to try and find something similar

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  • Same here.

    Shimano cx brake allow you to remove a spacer so they do fit narrow spacing. I think at one point I discovered another brake that also worked (Campagnolo?), but can't remember anymore. I think I did a thread on it of Lfgss, so you could try and look it up.

  • re: your brake issue. i'm running paul neo-retros on my 83' univega that has narrow spacing. i did have to file some material (with pauls blessing) out of the slots to get the pads lower for the front. the rears worked fine, no bodging necessary. not only do these brakes look good imo, they work tremendously well. your build is shaping up nice! looking forward to more progress.

    Univega (2 of 12)

  • Trouble!

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  • That looks banging, but I think you should get this stem.

  • It is, lovely and I was considering it... But No drop.

  • Planning out the luggage...

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  • Change of plan with the wheels. The ventos are going to go on a 90s road gazelle now.

    I really want tubeless on this bike, so that I can ride it properly without worrying about punctures. So going to get a pair of these. They look stunning are nice and wide (not a problem with the cx50 brakes) and suit the age of the bike, as they are a classic box section rim.

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  • Important parts arriving

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  • OK... So wheels had to change as I really wanted tubeless. I ended up with these bontrager wheels for nowt, so I'm willing to overlook the aesthetic penalty a bit.

    Will have custom bags for it this week hopefully. More pics to come.

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  • I like that a lot. Except for the horrible muddy green tyres. That frame + silver groupset = win.

  • The tyres have proved a bit marmite, but I like them.

    Started work on the bags yesterday. Natural canvas and leather.

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  • That's really great, tyres n all

  • The tyres look great....some how.

    Not a fan of converting threaded to threadless, but I know you're limited by quill / modern bar bend setup

  • Yeah I would have liked to keep it classic, but with cantis I wanted to eliminate any flex up front to reduce brake judder.

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Another Dutch classic

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