On-One Inbreds - 26", 29er and other inbreeding

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  • Only owned an Inbred very briefly. Shouldn't have sold it.

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  • You won’t get a tapered steerer into an inbred frame, sadly. I’d like to try one of the on one rigid forks in my 456 but they’re designed to replace forks with quite short travel - 456s are for long travel forks so not sure what it would do to the ride.

  • Here’s a crap photo of my ratty 456. Currently mothballed in the loft as I won’t be getting to any trails for the time-being :-(

    Needs new forks and better tyres, but it’s bags of fun

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  • Here's mine in Single Speed rigid, slack chain, nds pic mode.

    Home made frame bag, bit tatty was my first go.

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  • Geared & suspension fork, 2014

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  • singlespeed 853

  • Slightly better but still bad photo:

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  • The tapered forks could take the wide moon bike wheel I think, so replacing the stem is a cheaper option than getting a custom forks made. But there are no more wheels for sale.

    I have a set of one 26" rigid forks you could try, and see what it was like before spending any money.

  • seen as someone else posted a 456, here's my old one, it was bloody great and less that 20lbs with that fork... i could rattle out mile after mile on that thing, not sure why i ever sold it tbh

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  • i ran a 29er rigid fork in mine (see above) it gave the axle to crown ratio of a 26" 130mm fork sat in it's sag... was really really very good indeed

  • excellent colour match on the bridge

    Is that your own bike?

  • I have a set of one 26" rigid forks you could try, and see what it was like before spending any money.

    hey thanks thats really kind. I'm in Bristol and also I'm not sure when I'll be getting the bike up and running again really, otherwise I'd take you up on that.

    @rob_g_clarkson that sounds like a good idea actually.

  • My 26er:
    It's tatty, but I like it.

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  • Nice frame - special edition or something?

  • No idea to be honest, all I know is it has swap outs. It was just a fairly cheap ebay purchase. What makes you ask?

  • Yeah the swap out dropouts, the Inbred picture on the top tube, and the chainstays look more flared out than mine, which are pretty much dead straight. Maybe just a slightly newer one or something, I see it's got v-brake mounts like mine has as well so presumably not particularly recent. I've got no idea how old mine is either to be honest, eBay as well!

  • The stays are pretty flared.
    It's got to be quite old as a 26er, right? I've not really given it much thought. I'll confess, I've never even taken it off road! Although, I've had it for less time than I've had my baby, so I reckon that's an alright excuse.

  • Forgotten how much I wanted one of these. Was looking for a 29er SS one when I found my Niner instead.

    For me the quintessential inbred has always been SS and rigid.

  • First test ride
    Love it. Change bars, chop steerer, dropper post, set tyres up tubeless and trim brake outers to do yet.

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  • Mine, enjoying it a lot, though haven't tested it much yet. Is my first mtb so I'll be easing myself in.

  • Yes this is all I’m riding

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On-One Inbreds - 26", 29er and other inbreeding

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