On-One Inbreds - 26", 29er and other inbreeding

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  • There's a pompino thread and the forum is inbred with inbreds so why not make another thread.

  • (mine)

  • Mine, though soon to have a rack and some silly handlebars.

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  • Yes! Mines nearly sorted in its 1st draft. Will post a pic shortly. Can't wait to get out on it.

  • Packed for an overnighter last year

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  • Very nice, is that a surly fork?

  • Mine

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  • Mine .. well my partner's but I borrow it time to time

  • And this is mine. At some point I want to take it for some rougher bike packing. Maybe somewhere in Wales or the Highlands.

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  • It’s a brother big bro I believe. I pretty much paid @Cupcakes for a fork and he threw in a frame.

  • Great shout.
    I've got an off white/creamy pearlescent inbred 29er frame with horizontal drop outs that I've been sitting on for ages and still not go round to getting it built up.

    This should motivate me to get it sorted.

    I really only need a 135mm 32h single speed disc hub to finish the build if anyones got something for sale?

  • Do you know which fork that is on the black single speed with tan walls?

  • Hylix Carbon

    Great idea! I look forward to seeing it. I've just been using mine as a run around recently and it's great fun.

  • Subbed! Not sure if my 456 evo II qualifies, but I’d happily browse a thread of inbreds.

  • Surly Instigator

    Ah sorry I meant the all black bike above with tan walls, the carbon fork?

    But yeah I'd like to get mine built up to use as a daily runner. Something I could leave locked up and not worry too much.
    I've realised I need a slightly less flash bike for going out bike rides along the canal with my 6 year old daughter...

    Edit - now see the hylix carbon thanks! Theres a lot of these forks that all look similar with wildly varying prices. The hylix might be worth a punt then

  • My old one packed for an overnighter with the eldest last summer.

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  • Go for it! Just say it's inbred, I'll be convinced

  • Misread that you meant the black one!

    Tidy build, proper racy

    Good idea, touch wood, they don't seem attractive to thieves. Worse case scenario buy another on fleabay

  • My old inbred with swap outs.
    Loved it both with sus and rigid, but head tube was too short for me sadly so sold it on

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  • There is an inbred thread on the projects section.

    I have three inbred 26inch wheel frames. A vertical dropout, a disc horizontal and and brake horizontal. The horizontals have stuck seat posts!

  • I love the look of this. I wanted to do a similar thing to my 456 (rigid forks, strap shit to it) and do some off road bike packing. I wonder rigid forks would work as well though

  • this is brilliant

  • Balloon tyres as suspension.

    On one/planet x have the ballon front wheel for £20.

    Was thinking the on one forks that are tapered might fit the inbred ;)

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On-One Inbreds - 26", 29er and other inbreeding

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