• Hi All

    Reverting to knowledgable forums as everything in the world has a forum and they always have the best knowledge.

    My gf and I are looking to find bikes to make the most of summer in London (N15) and my short commute to work (1-2km). We were looking at Hackney Cycles, Goku & Quella but doing a search in the forums its recommended we just buy a decent 2nd hand bike instead. Anyway I would prefer to help you guys get rid of old bikes or fund a new build!

    Me: 170cm
    Her: 160cm

    Ideally £200 max each but willing to go higher for a beauty.


  • Hi and welcome!

    I'd definitely recommend decent 2nd hand over new. A bit of patience and your £200 should get something very nice. You might need to give a bit more info (or have a bit of think) on what you want.
    Here's somethings to ponder:

    Gears/single speed
    Modern bike/ vintage
    Something pretty/something you can lock up without worry
    Ability to fit mudguards, racks, Etc.

  • Thanks Billygoat, have just messaged them. Travel might be an issue unfortunately. It says he is 5.11 and its comfy, might be an issue for my height?

    Nonowt - thanks for your response.

    Honestly, have been back and forward on all of those and dont have a preference. Would only like to know the person beforehand has cared for it and its not going to fall apart.

    Will be storing in a secure place both at home and at work. If I am out then it will be locked up only for a few mins and within site.

    Thanks again.

  • Free bump, I've sent you a PM with an offer.

  • Thanks all.

    Fell deeply in love with a green Dawes at The Hackney Peddler today which is 49cm. Seems like the right height but is £600 before any kind of discount.

    Made me realise I can go higher. Willing to go up to £400 for the right bike so hopefully that provides a few more options here :).

  • Also THP were very good to us and spent time helping us out understanding what we need and the options. Gf is tiny so needs a 47cm which they didn’t have any of.

  • Right size. Wrong price.

    Or just get a pair of matching Dolans.

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  • Do you know what model it was? Galaxy or Super Galaxy? They're nice guys and will have fixed it up well but £600 is mad money for a Dawes. It would be cheaper to get something of Ebay for around a hundred and get a full service from a local bike shop for another hundred.
    Something like this Claud Butler would clean up nicely and look great with a set of new gumwall tyres and bar tape. Should a good fit for you:
    Or this hand built Dave Marsh which should fit your gf:

  • Still looking, forget to check those ebay's before they sold.

    Really looking for a 49cm option, even starting to think about buying a frame and nagging you lot to help me built it up with seperate parts :).

    Didnt get much work done today, too busy scrolling the net for this and refreshing the clasifieds every 20mins.

  • This might help with sizing: https://www.vintagevelo.co.uk/frame-size­-guide/

    Raleigh's top of range 1980s tourer (in Tilbury):

    This seller will post and take offers (try £150?):

    Rare and quality machine in Maidstone:

    This should clean up ok:

  • Thank you @nonowt!

    With my 74 inseam I fond 49cm frames that I was able to try as perfect.

    We have managed to find bikes now, I got myself a hardly used Fuji Feather 49cm (£200) arriving on Monday and my partner got a cheap 48cm Phat Phixie (£90) which from reading online is not the best bike but will give me an idea if she will stick with it or not. With these costs it has left some funds spare for upgrades.

    Thanks to all for your help.

  • Great - enjoy!

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WTB: Semi-decent kick around bike for me and the mrs

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