Touch of Gray Mustache & Beard

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  • Takes away a little gray for a Salt + Pepper look.

    Any non beardie weirdies of the forum taking the opportunity to grow a little facial furniture during lockdown? 3+3 weeks ought to be long enough to grow something silly, even for the weakest beard grower!

    12-week quarantine here, due to medical reasons, so plenty of time for me. Just over a week in and IT’S ITCHY!!!

  • I can’t get past ‘Ian-Beale-tramp’ before my nerve goes and I break out the clippers.

  • The itchy stage passed a week ago for me. But I still look like a scruffy toerag, I just don't have decent coverage.

  • Give it 8 weeks before you trim . Get some beard oil or balm if you can

  • That’s where I usually get to.

    I’m gonna break through it.

  • im almost week 5 unshaven..
    got past the bum fluff and itchy week 2
    getting all captain birdseye bushy now

  • Having a crack at a moustache, 25 days in and it's very nearly visible to the naked eye.

  • I once had a go at cultivating a 'tache for Movember. On about the 29th November a friend peered closely at me and said 'oh, are you growing a moustache?'. Disheartening.

  • I tried to grow one last year and hardly anyone noticed, ha ha. I'm hoping to hit puberty some time before my 30th birthday in August.

  • When I’ve done Movember, I usually give it a month’s run-up with a designer stubble / goatee so I have something to show on Mov 1st!

    Today’s status: SO ITCHY.

  • I have done the opposite and shaved off about 2yrs worth of beard, leaving behind a splendid silly moustache for the lols on video calls.

  • I VERY nearly bailed because of the itchiness! Did a wet shave down under my chin and it’s bearable again.

  • Usually have a trimmed mo but let it go and didn't shave from the Monday of the first week of lockdown. Had a melt down on Tuesday so to try and feel normal shaved everything off but there were many many greys that didn't used to be there.

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  • Took a month's worth of growth down to this today. Wife hates it.

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  • You still don't look old enough to be married

  • Just gradually make the vertical bits longer till approval is found.

  • 3 weeks since I last shaved and I'm not back at work until the end of June. My beard usually naturally grows into a goatee with some fluff on my cheeks so I'm interested to see if it actually grows out before I shave it all off again.

  • Can you not see those grey hairs?

  • I usually grow one for Movember. The key for me to avoiding itchiness is to trim it around my mouth. The most itchy part for me is there. If i trim it back from my mouth I can even forget it's there.

  • Maybe a touch of ginger...

  • When did you say the itching stops?

  • The ol’ MOVID-19 is coming along nicely

  • I’m just gonna let it all grow and invest in beard oil.. either raccoon or badger style

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  • I’m on the brink of shaving this off. The irritation is unbearable.

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Touch of Gray Mustache & Beard

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