Hi all,

    Here is another parts box / quarantine special.

    Some nice vintage bits in the mix.

    French artisan track bike with an identify crisis. It is not a Peugeot but has a french threaded headed and BB. Nice rear brake bridge.

    Some serial numbers on the BB shell, nice pink to purple fade paint job.

    Tubing unknown, but most likely Columbus Aelle or Thron. Scuff and paint chips here and there, the bike is around 40 years old so please don't expect a new bike - condition is "upper beater".

    Size is 54.5cm seat tube, 55cm top tube, both taken centre to centre. Stem is 3ttt 80mm, bars are swept back so quite a compact ride - I'd say someone about 5ft8.

    I have trued the wheels, regreased both BB and headset so the bike is good to go. Once you have fitted a brake of course

    Here we have:

    • Recycled headset which isn't great but works, I'd recommend getting a new Velo Orange french threaded one or better, drilled forks with BSA threads and a front brake
    • Spidel 35 x 1 bottom bracket cups with a rather rare Stronglight 118mm 'Piste' hollow axle
    • Stronglight 165mm 49D chainset with 48t chainring. BSA pedal thread. Izumi chain with quick link.
    • Promax 26.8mm seatpost (pretty sure it'll take a 26.6mm one) & Peugeot Mundialita suede saddle
    • Maillard 700 track hubs on 36h Rigida SI20 clincher rims. No name sprocket but a lovely Campagnolo locking!
    • Swept back bars with new BMX gum grips

    Pedals & straps not included but happy to add some basic one to keep you going

    SOLD SOLD SOLD for £200 with B125 NJS drops chucked in the deal.

    Test rides from New Cross!

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  • Izumi chain, Panaracer Tour Guard tyres.

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  • Oooooft, that's lovely. Bargain too. GLWS

  • Oh boy that's nice, guessing posting it is out of the question? I live near Chichester, so can't really come to London

  • C’est joli et à ma taille :(

  • Shiply.com still works so you could arrange pick up as a complete bike.

  • In case you know what those numbers mean.

    Or maybe @gaston will know

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  • dibs bars + grips if split :)

  • Intial quotes are coming in at 60 odd pounds, I'll see if I can get them cheaper

  • Parcelforce
    Or parcel monkey will be a lot less Door to door.

  • Bars were on an old hybrid I used for parts.
    They were quite pitted so did the foil & cola trick to bring them back to a half decent standard.
    Grips are BMX long neck type.

    The combination is worth a tenner at most but I will keep you posted if a potential buyer prefer drops, which I can fit.

  • Yeah don’t worry too much. It would be too much hassle as I’m not in London right now .

  • Will you post...


    Wish this had a hole for front brake. Would be perfect for me mate

  • Lovely Vince!

    @BigH, there seems to be an indent in the forks already..? Easy to drill!

  • @Rodolfo thanks for the love!

    @BigH is just teasing as I had a rant earlier in the week about the long queues at the post office.

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  • This is so good @Vince. Nearly tempted. Look at that flattened seatstay bridge! Would fit me beautifully too.

  • Happy to split @Skülly!

    And not for to go if you want to come and see it :-)

  • Shit! Looks awesome... if you decide to split and post frameset shoot a message.

  • Are you trolling me?

    You asked me the same thing about my Bridgestone PHM9 55.5CM. Then didn't reply.

    Posting is not an issue on any of my items.

    Insured UK postage will be £100
    Insured EU postage will be £250
    Insured Worldwide postage will be £500

  • Dibs if it’s still going, can pickup this weekend

  • Thanks V, no I really can’t have this.

    As a matter of interest, do those Stronglights have self-extracting bolts? That work with those threads?

  • Those are normal allen crank bolts with a plastic cover.

    I have the period TA toolkit, with the Stronglight / TA specific crank extractor tool to remove them.

    Think I paid about £50 for it 10 years ago, which I thought was high but have used it many times over the years, saving one thread at the time!!

  • Ah, thought as much. Good to know you have an extractor - I have a TA but not a Stronglight.

  • This looks super fun, GLWS

  • Lovely.


SOLD 1970's French Steel Track Bike "Special Piste" // 54.5cm Pink & Purple // Stronglight 49D 165mm chainset // SOLD

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