Wanted:Specialized power 143mm and pro stealth

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  • Looking for a cheap power saddle and also a pro stealth. Cheap and the better as I only want it for testing.

  • I use a 143 Power and get on with it. You will struggle to find a cheap one though.
    Presumably this means you're interested in short nose saddles. Have you also considered Fabric's new Line-S and Fizik's Tempo Argo? They're also shortened saddles with cut outs or relief channels

  • The fizik looks interesting. Not to sure on the fabric as my bulge from my penis is large (not bragging) under my body and needs a deep cut out otherwise I go numb and can’t pee without pain. I guess spinning 180rpm after 400k doesn’t help with this.

    Maybe someone has a power in a draw they can lend for beer money. I only want to test as I’ll then buy an s-works model.

  • You can get relatively cheap replicas on ebay of both.

    Here's one for Spesh:


    And one for a Stealth wannabe:


    Not tried either of these, but do have x3 Stealths

  • I know but I’ve used SMP copies and they aren’t like the real thing. To me the padding and flex of a saddle is just as important as the shape.

  • Not exactly what you're after, but I've got a Prologo Dimension 143 Tirox in the spares box

  • Thanks but I’ll pass.

  • If you have too much pressure on your urethra short saddles might not be the answer you are looking for. IME it made matters worse, all pressure was on the nose and it was absolute agony after 50k, and for days afterwards. YMMV of course...

  • Fizik Arione and Charge Spoon are the saddles that fixed this issue for me.

    The latter is miraculous and very cheap.

  • Charge spoons don’t work. The only thing that has so far is a forma, even smp’s TT saddle didn’t help.

  • Arione was what made me have to change! Over 10 years on them, but suddenly they started giving me issues. Just goes to show I guess...

  • I’ve found out both Bontrager and Pro have 30day money back guarantee. I’m thinking about the pro stealth, Aeolus and also the xxx

  • I have this exact same issue. Specialized power solved it for me.
    I now have three on three different bikes; regularly ride all day without any pain at all and certainly not the perineal 'squashing' I experience with most saddles.
    I also have one of the power copies on my turbo and it does give me some pain. It certainly won't give you a true impression of the genuine power. It looks similar but really isn't anything like it most ways...

  • Are you using the arc or standard?

  • The standard. I believe the arc is suited to a more upright position or MTB riders whereas I ride a fairly aggressive position.

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Wanted:Specialized power 143mm and pro stealth

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