Trans Global Bike Race (TGBR)

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  • Day 1. The Grand Depart: Lombardy, Italy to Catania in Sicily.
    We have cycle 1,741 km today and made an excellent start on our journey.­race/

    Raising money for Medecins Sans Frontieres Coronavirus Crisis Appeal via­ransglobalbikerace

  • Some familiar names, nice work hippy.

  • Cheers. I don't normally get involved in charity stuff other than donations but since I was stuck doing turbo training already figured I would donate my miles and help make a bit of noise about this too.

    Feeling pretty meh right now though so the 2hr sweetspot session I have planned is being delayed until I can hype myself up for it.

  • Currently 36 riders. Where's the wally?

  • Day 4 results:­CK_cG48drb1Wff7Pf_rz1OCgv9

    Aussie Kate Spicer has done 600k indoors. Grim. I'd love to be back home right now. I could probably do a 600k loop in one go and see maybe 20 cars.

    I signed up to Zwift. All my mileage so far has been sweetspot interval training in Trainerroad which isn't exactly conducive to a mileage based race and is probably pointless for 12hr TTs this year anyway.

  • So does everyone 'ride' the same virtual parcours, then? I can't see how it works from the Farcebonk page.

  • Nope. Some people are riding outside, some indoors, depending on what restrictions are in place in each country. All my miles have just been my Trainerroad program and today I added some Zwift miles which are much easier than trying to smash out 7x10min sweetspot. :S
    I guess I could just sit on some flat course in Zwift world churning out miles to 'win' but that seems dumb, so I'm just logging what training I'm doing and thought I'd get Zwift running to do a vEverest after seeing Francis Cade's double this weekend.
    Annoyingly it seems you have to get to a certain level before you can even ride the Alpe dWhatever in Zwift. :S

  • Ah, cheers. Silly me, I thought 'IN/OUT' was about where you had your turbo set up. :)

    That also explains why Tanja Hacker is racking up so much elevation.

  • Australia is pretty flat. Austria not so much.

  • If I'm not mistaken you can have a meetup with someone who is level 6+ and ride the Alpe that way. Once you're on the course they can log off.
    (But test this first to be sure)

  • Yeah, I've already done this when I rode with FC for a bit during his vEverest. It's not really a foolproof plan if I decide I want to start one day and there's no one to join. Also, I don't know what happens if I join a ride and they leave. Also, when you join, you're at a random place on the road so I'd have to descend and then start riding. I think I will need to get some riding done to unlock this bullshit. I think I'll email them. I fucking paid for this, why feature limit me.

  • I fucking paid for this, why feature limit me.

    welcome to the world of video games ;)

  • "Zwift is virtual training for running and cycling."

    "6 Worlds with 80+ Routes"

    Fucking Zwift fanboys don't like people criticising their virtual world do they?

  • No idea, I don't use Zwift. Although I agree with you, it's utterly pointless to limit stuff that's not purely cosmetic. Gamifying indoor stuff probably helps with accessibility and motivation for many, but it's still a workout thingy, not a game.

  • Yeah, the market workouts and virtual reality and then shout "it's just a game" when you've paid your money and don't get the feckin' virtual worlds they promised. They lowered the entry requirements for the Alpe thing I wanted but it's still ~4hrs of riding depending on what you know about the game, ie. I got a bunch of points just doing a 1000W "sprint" and knowing you get bonus points for finishing circuits, so do all the easy flat shit first. But still.. knobs.

  • It's a game ànd a workout thingy. You unlock bikes, wheels and routes. Only the jerseys and clothing are cosmetic. The more you ride, the better equipment you get. (And the more routes you can ride). I like that, it's fun and it gives me something to look forward to. If I had everything unlocked on day one Zwift would be a lot more boring and it would be just a training platform, like TR.

    Anyway, @hippy isn't really the target demo I think. :) Not many people get on Zwift to do a vEverest as one of their first rides.

  • Sorry if I missed it, but is there an 'official' way of measuring distance indoors? I do my turbos on a Wahoo with my TT bike. It's got a single 56T chainring so all the distances recorded for workouts are massive. I'm doing the exact same effort as if I did it in 34x28 but if I did that the distance would be much lower.

  • Nope. The KICKR etc are changing load depending on cadence and power requirement so it has no idea what gear, wheels, bike, etc.

    I've just been dumping my TR workouts into Garmin and sending that distance.­/articles/203103294-Speed-Distance-on-an­-Indoor-Trainer

    "Speed readings are not reliable in ERG mode because the trainer will automatically adjust the resistance to ensure the rider is matching their wattage target — regardless of their gear or speed.

    For example, a rider could shift gears and/or increase their cadence to bring their speed from 20-40mph during an interval with a prescribed wattage of 250. In order to keep the rider at 250 watts, the smart trainer will automatically adjust the resistance to make up for the change in speed. This means the rider's speed readings will indicate 40mph while their watts remain at 250. If the rider shifts back down to 20mph, the trainer will again adjust accordingly so they are still holding 250 watts."

  • Is there a minimum distance ride Zwift will save? Saw I had 59.7 on the clock yesterday so jumped on later to tip it over to 60k to make the maths quicker and this 500m ride isn't in the ride log thing.

  • Day 7­TkuM47-P6t7AlibdcIUH7e52Nd

    Tanja Hacker leading overall on 1512km.

    I'm currently 20th Overall, 8th Indoor with 461k.

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Trans Global Bike Race (TGBR)

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