London Loops: COVID-friendly short mixed-terrain routes

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  • I am looking for routes that fill the following criteria:

    • Circular, start/finish somewhere in London's famous London
    • Between 30km and 70km
    • Mixed surface; think cycle paths, very quiet roads, the odd very mild bit of off-road
    • Ideally suited for riding on a hybrid bicycle
    • Not for racing along, more to cycle slowly and savour

    As so many of us only get one chance per day to exercise at the moment these would be great to find more of.

  • I'll go first, this is a beautiful route from the Lost Lanes book:

  • And my other mainstay, the canals and rivers of the other side of town, adapted from a route by @dicki

    This can be shortened easily by only riding the section between km20 and km70 roughly

  • Nice! Looking for routes for me and my wife to do from home - these look ideal 👍🏻

  • the bridge ride - dartford crossing and back, some really shitty parts of london and some beautiful bits too once you get past dagenham, little bit of traffic to start with but again once you get past dagenham .... dagenham seems the blot on this rides landscape

    down to hampton court and back along the thames is a nice one, some beautiful bits of london and relatively traffic free - can be a bit bumpy at times

  • This is great. Been struggling to find routes the ride with the GF. Entirely different riding experience

  • These look great but if you're a peasant without komoot you're blocked :(

  • Isn't komoot free to use? I don't remember paying for it.

  • As we're meant to be avoiding coming close to other people, narrow paths that are likely to be popular with walkers and joggers seem a bad idea.

    There's plenty of wide open roads with virtually zero traffic. The West End and the City especially are mostly empty.

  • I enjoyed riding the cobblemonster - had the covent garden cobbles to myself last week:

  • make the route public

  • I understand your sentiment.
    However where I live and at the times I'm free, the roads are busy and the paths are not.
    On a sunny weekend day it is likely to be the opposite, where your point stands.
    We could also use these routes post-lockdown, so I will be continuing the thread.

  • They are public. Scroll down.

  • ncr 21/20 ideas. Quite nice riding and modular. Lots of connecting routes if you wanted to shorten / lengthen.

  • I would avoid tow paths for leisure activities if at all possible.
    They are very narrow in places and it is impossible to keep the recommend safe distances.
    There are quite a few signs up from boaters asking people to only use the tow path for access to boats.
    I would normally run along the tow path but started running on streets. The pavements are wider and much quieter.

    Also +1 for the Cobble monster route.

  • This was absolutley lovely.

    Down the Greenway and A13 cycle path, up and down the Beam and Ingeebourne then around Rainham.
    It isn't actually a 100KM ride, I was just trying to make some extra distance that day.

    25c tires and up for the few sections of offroad, gravel and poor cycle paths.

  • is that the ride that goes past all the anti aircraft batteries along that river / marshes area ? we did that section going down to the coast once ( southend ride ? )

  • Hey @pit just wanted to check if this rideable on gravel type bike with 35mm tyres?
    Edit, also any chance that you can post the gpx or a downloadable link? I can't get the route without buying maps from Komoot.

  • Everything but few sections around peaslake are doable on a gravel bike. I've only ever done it on a rigid mtb tho.
    Komoot never asked me to buy anything. Guess I got the maps with one of the endorsements they gave me.

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  • Yep the same.

  • Did a small section of this today,
    from the Uxbridge Road, Hanwell,
    north, to the bike path alongside the A40 west.
    Look out in the valley of the River Brent!
    A myriad, of fortunately non-biting, small black flies.

  • Did this today with Mrs Coffee in about 5 hours from streatham and back. Really nice, thanks for the suggestion.
    Its well signposted so no need for GPS. Would suggest gears and proper tires.

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London Loops: COVID-friendly short mixed-terrain routes

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