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  • Brilliant, thanks @cynddl - I've updated on Strava.
    Looking forward to these views as soon as the swelling goes down - en route to Epping too!

    Hope everyone's doing alright in lockdown so far.

  • 6:41 on 48/17 https://www.strava.com/activities/339838­9450
    That was tough going, ground to a halt with a few meters left and it took everything I had to get going again
    Still really enjoyed the off road section, tempted to try out some tracklocross

  • Sorry! This is last week's ride. Forgot to post on the forum.. doh.. Legs got nice and warmed up on Swain's Lane (not). But thoroughly enjoyed going back to Alexandra Palace, don't think I've been there for maybe 3 years? haha.

    Good riding crew! keep up the good work :)
    Hope you're all doing well in the Lockdown! Here's to more hills


  • Really enjoying these. I did last week's too, which was super fun overall, but wasn't sure if I actually did the segment.
    This week's was again exceptional. Ride out was good, as good as the A1055 gets. I had actually looked at the segment before setting off so think I paced it well, sticking to 50x17 which is around 78", but I was going pretty slow by the end. Got the kom, but that's probably more to do with getting the lights at the bottom perfect. https://www.strava.com/activities/340446­5615
    It was just after sun down, so I went into the deserted forest. Damn we're missing out on TNRC so bad right now. Early summer, beautiful lanes. Just as it was getting completely dark on one of Epping Forest's wide smooth gravel paths I came across 3 people, and a german shepherd, which started chasing me aggressively. I went hard to outpace it. Then got a puncture 30 seconds later. Trekked into the forest off the path hoping the dog wouldn't find me and maul my limbs. Amazing moonlight. And no maulings. Then when I was getting to Walthamstow a minicab pulled out on me, so I went around him on the other side of an island. A cop car behind saw this and pulled me over. He said, "A bit dangerous, that?". I said, "What, that guy pulling out in front of me?". He responded, "I'll have word". And I immediately held up my hands and said, "Noted" acknowledging my transgression. He then pulled the guy over and I had to ride around another island on the wrong wide of the road to get past them.
    Another puncture at Camden, after a really god run from 7 sisters over the hill thanks to a great skitch. Was engaged by a homeless guy while fixing it. He was saying he needed £7 for a shelter and that there are no shelters that one would be able to go to without any money. If I had cash I would have give him it. He was trying to get me to to do a bank transfer via online banking thru my phone. I felt bad, but didn't in the end.

  • Best write up yet

  • Seconded.
    @Ruserius you have all the goss though @Grifffff did see a slow worm!

  • Managed to have a crack at it this evening although it definitely not as eventful as @Ruserius

    48x17 = 74.924"

    Stole the KOM by a scandalous 1 second with 4:13. (Sorry @Ruserius )

    Luckily I didn't go all out and behaved myself on the bottom section, so I had that little bit left in the tank for the steep top tracks which was very much needed.

    I was a bit shocked and questioned my navigation when the segment disappeared off road up the mud path through the trees. Thankfully I was right and made it up without stopping although i had to grind it out at the top.

    Nice little area at the top with some good views :)


    Top pic and the legendary slow worm (Which I thought was a snake 😬 ):

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  • The Slow Worm!!!

  • So I had a go at this with @Josh01 today..

    Following the T-Bone accident on Saturday and Josh01's constant dodgy hip, today we were feeling strong enough for our first proper ride after a wobbly trot around Stratford park on Tuesday and to pick up a fork from Greenwich yesterday.
    Sensations were good in all respects which we were nothing but grateful for.
    Spun up to High Beech/Lippets Hill (there are new red stripes!!) as we wanted to see where our fitness was at generally after a good week (and a bit) off the bike. Thankful again that we felt good and didn't fall apart!
    Then we headed south to the segment I was on 50/17 but 650c wheels so around 72 GI, @josh01 on 52/18 700c.
    First bit lovely and chill, then it gets steep at which point we were already gasping (before the off road bit), then into the seaaaaaaa (thanks everyone for the warning that it does indeed go into the offroad track) - @josh01 had twigs stuck all over his wheels, I (off road newbie) was all over the place but managed to get through to the opening at which point we both stopped and walked up after several attempts to click in and get going again but eventually we got to the obelisk - made friends with a nice little pupper, saw a cool rope swing which I was desperate to try but was sensibley stopped by my better half haha, lovely view, took a few breaths again to just be grateful to be on the bike again, thinking of you guys and your rides up there and that I turned 28 today!
    No slow worms, punctures or police but one helluva fun ride!

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  • Ouch, 1 sec. Would I have been 2sec quicker without the 2 full water bottles? We'll never know!
    Spose it's better than the time i held a kom betw Acton and Uxbridge for a few years, over a half hour segement, which I also lost by 1sec.

  • Haha those are funny, I had one from Vauxhall to Lewisham way I think, also around 30 mins!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Thanks! Hope you are well!

  • It's sad that slowworms like warm carriageway surfaces so much for sunning. Thousands get run over that way every year. :(

  • Yay, so happy everyone enjoyed this tough climb!

  • @Ruserius top hill last week but relatively few takers, perhaps you can change this forum post's fortunes with next week's hill?

  • Oops, in the excitement of getting to ride fixed again after 5 weeks I forgot to post something earlier before heading out.
    Although I was very happy getting out to ride in Epping Forest, I am going to plagiarise another Hills hill. Hopefully more central for everyone. A nice leafy one.

  • Just had a crack at it....


    2:01 @ 48x17= 74.924"

    Actually a segment I was considering. Fun segment! Starts easy, finishes easy but with a lovely steepish bit through the tree cover in the middle :)

    Tried to go for a fast time and nearly collapsed at the top from wheezing too much 🥴 haha

    Defo recommended a giving it a go if you're in the area!

  • Good effort, I want the Kom

  • Convenient one for me but defo not going back anytime soon
    2:35 on 48/17 https://www.strava.com/activities/344539­7129

  • @Ruserius - thanks for picking this week's hill!
    I didn't have much of a gear to choose from as my new rotor cranks arrived! so my biggest chainring for it available was 48 and the smallest I could fit on the back with my current chain (single use chain and I just bought second hand rotor cranks so can't really justify a new chain just yet as this one is still good) was 16. Anywho I set off with @Josh01, dodged the Hackney/Finsbury Park/Turnpike Lane traffic until it started to look familiar.. ie Ally Pally. Now apparently according to Josh01 I've done this hill before, years ago but I don't remember because after an incredible downhill run up I was shocked to find that after the first bit it goes into the woods :)))))))) covered and magical, little red riding hood style but in London. I made sure to push to the end because I knew it was until the junction. So so pretty. Also afterwards we went towards Putney to collect a stem and so we went via Archway and between the climb and Archway there was an incredible huge bridge we went under and downhill. Again, Josh01 says we've been there before but I don't remember :) and it reminded me of that new feeling when you go on holiday - either a huge bridge in Budapest or the smell of the Tuscan hills or new road signs in Croatia - I had it for a brief moment in amongst this lockdown of 2020.

    Hope everyone is well!

    I forgot to get a photo because I was too excited by the climb and then getting to the end and getting 3rd! and then the bridge etc. etc. but here's a shot of us on our way home from the whole trip :)

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  • I was about 90km into my ride yesterday when I got to the hill, so about 30 seconds in I had a dizzy spell I occasionally get and veered off into the forest for a easier gradient. Fail!

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  • Oh no @Ruserius
    Hope it was a great ride overall. I get boreddoing more than 50km by myself

  • Lovely write up @Lucybee
    Agree this segment's a pretty road with the tree cover. Shame all the double parked cars detract a little from the visual effect and could be a pain if a car wants to pass you, which didn't happen to me happily. I did it this morning. Very nice with the sun dappling through.
    I also discovered Dartmouth Park Hill on the way, another good climb. I'm sure it's familiar to Northies.

  • 52 / 17 - didn't know quite how long it is (assumed til the end of the wood, I was wrong.) Will have to give it another crack with the full hill climb setup. Assume I was the biggest gear this week which means I'm picking (And have been looking forward to picking, got a few fairly hidden fave climbs to get through).

    Picking this week a really nice hairpin turn super smooth road surface and sickeningly steep for anything over 75 GI ... And it's in a conservation area with some top views north and south and clean suburban air and wild ass Japanese trees that must be seen to be believed... It is Cottenham Drive, one of the many wimblebergs.


    PS after lockdown is over we can do a group tour de London where we do each weeks hill?

    Enjoy all

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