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  • HARD WEEKS IN LOCKDOWN - start of something good maybe?

  • Hello!

    After this year's HARD DAY IN JANUARY I can say with all of me that I miss cycling but also cycling with you lot - Tuesday night hills (#hiddenhillsofsouthlondon), Hard Day In January (#hiddenhillsofallover), I haven't been yet but also seen some good TNRC rides on Strava #(hiddenhillsofkent).

    We propose; LFGSS hill climb quarantine bike tag virtual reunion!

    1 - a hill will be chosen on sunday night after dark (by the person who completes it in the biggest gear ratio)
    2 - everyone will have until the following Sunday sunset to complete.
    We will be picking secluded (as London can be) hill climbs. Week 1 is Point Hill- Greenwich https://www.strava.com/segments/12390318­
    3 - post a picture of you and your sweet fixie that you've been working on now that you have more time indoors. Also state your gear ratio - we are inclusive here but please bring your fixed or single speed steed if you have one #lfgss.

    There's currently a Regents Park cyclists facebook group posting pictures of non-solo riders: quite stressful just to think about. Please pick a hill off the beaten track and just be scientifically aware and considerate to your fellow human beings as the #nicestforumontheinternet.

    Good luck to everyone in these tough times

    Please join the Strava Group, it will be like we are cycling together https://www.strava.com/clubs/618030

  • Great idea

    In. Though I no longer own anything fixed. I do, however, promise to stay in a suitably unsuitable gear for any efforts made.

  • @TTM that is more than we could hope for, look forward to seeing your write up

  • Awesome, Im excited to finally have a good reason to stray from regents park

  • Excellent idea and choice of Point Hill, I live off it and coincidentally rode down it today on 78" towing over 20kg of food donations for the local Covid Mutual Aid group, returning back up empty. Might have a proper go at it later, need to get the Ti Burls fixed out of the loft and gear up.

    Note that if the A2 gets congested E-bound, typically during the afternoon peak, there is a fair bit of rat running up Point Hill by twats trying to jump the queue up Blackheath Hill so best avoided 3pm-6pm weekdays, but this hasn't been so prevalent since lockdown.

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  • Love the set up - kudos on going down it on 78" with the donations!
    Noted on the afternoon peak, thanks for the inside info to everyone.
    Ill be headed there tomorrow, as soon as i switch round the veloflex tyre on my new aria front wheel.

  • Nice one! i love the trailer

  • heres my attempt. Its pretty steep,a cool segment, 5016 was a touch on the big side hah. I might have another go, i didnt plan on doing it today so spent a few hours at regents beforehand. Which took it out of me a bit.


  • Ha, you were about 100 yards from my house.

    Should've called 'round and chatted framebuilding shit from a distance!

  • ah no way, ima make another attempt at segment over the weekend, ill drop you a pm im always up for a chat

  • Cool.

  • Here's my attempt from this evening: https://www.strava.com/activities/327685­9219 (yes, I'm bored)- managed 1:08, 2 seconds slower than my PB from 5 years ago. This was on my Ti Burls with 48x16 on 32mm GP5000s so around 81", even bothered fixing up & fitting the lower spoke count wheels from TCR but that doesn't appear to have helped much!

  • 50x18 (around 73") because that is what gear I was in. No regrets! Shaved 8 seconds off my one and only previous attempt:

  • I originally wanted to hit this with my Wilier and my new Aria front wheel but I couldnt get a bigger gear on it without cutting the chain so decided to settle on my carbon frame, Ralph with his new cut aluminium handlebars - this was after 4 days of maintenance set backs between @Josh01 and I so decided to call it there!

    Regardless, super stiff and fun to crawl up in 50/15 on 650c wheels so 80''.
    Not my fastest time but felt smooth and just happy to be out :)
    Kudos to @Biggles567 for his 82'' effort!

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  • Kudos to @Biggles567 for his 82'' effort!

    Thanks :)

    ima head there tomorow again and see, ive geared down a bit so might be more manageable :)

  • 48 18 about perfect for the climb, done in 33ish s, on the new giant omnium frame couriered by @Acliff

    Looks like you could hypothetically attack the segment from one of the roads leading odd, resulting in a near guaranteed Kom

  • Looks like you could hypothetically attack the segment

    yeah i tried to do a run up from winforton road, but chickend out and took the corner really slow, so didnt really gain that much.

  • Gah, this segment is right in my skill set...

  • You mean as in 'a cliff, going up'? :)

  • Yes pretty much.
    Any segment that is difficult to create because it’s too short.

  • well i went back today, geared down to 4717. Felt decent and almost took the kom, 1 sec off. bummer


  • Really good idea, thanks for getting me out of the house today! Brilliant excuse to roll through Greenwich village, nice punchy hill. Didn't realise the segment extended round the crescent after the climb... 4816 felt okay... but think I could have done it faster with a better gear. Feel alright to have achieved joint 4th on today's leaderboard

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  • As the forum will definitely eat itself at some point, I created the “Point Hill Greenwich” segment in October 2011 and was KOM for about 24 hours until @6pt decided to have a go

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