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  • Damn ok. In that case does anyone know of another lefty option? I find it much easier to have the numpad and insert/delete on my left as I use them a lot with 3dsmax.

  • I have a left handed keyboard very similar to the one you have with Cherry black switches, which are non clicky and quiet if you’re interested?

  • Yeah interested for sure, can you send me a pic (of the keyboard)

    Edit: oh wait, I think that's the one I sold you!? Didn't enjoy the ergonomics quite as much as the one in the link for some reason. Maybe I should just get another and fit o-rings, would that help?

  • Haha, what was the ergonomics issue?

    What key switches do you have in your current one?

    I liked the free space for the right hand mouse, but I couldn’t get over the left handed number pad. 25 years of right handed number data entry.

    The keychron K4 I got is pretty good, but can’t quite get the hang of the position of the 0 on the numpad.

  • Alternatively I can lend you my IBM M keyboard, you use it for a month, and your currently keyboard will seem like sweet silent relief.

  • what was the ergonomics issue?

    Can't quite recall, esc in a slightly different place or something like that, one or two keys slightly differently positioned and a deeply ingrained muscle memory from my current keyboard. I think they're Kalih Browns.

    yeah typing numbers with your left is strange, and I still get it wrong, but better ergonomically and less wasted movements than taking my hand off the mouse all the time or reaching across with my left. I was sure I was getting early onset arthritis before I got that.

  • I took some of the noise out of my keychron with o-rings. A cheap if tedious solution.

  • Just received my second Filco Majestouch 2 TenKeyLess with Cherry MX Silent Red switches. This time a wired version with side printed (Ninja) black keycaps. This one will be for the work laptop which will stay on my desk 99.9% of the time so no need for wireless.

  • Don't suppose you have a link?

  • I got some of those as well and can confirm they do reduce the noise. Easy to fit, just got to take your time

  • What's a good option around the £50 to £75 mark, without a number pad size, 2/3rds width I guess? Ideally Bluetooth.

    I've got a logi one and it's driving me mad. Use it for many hours a day, so time for something nicer.

  • +1 for the k2. Bought mine from here a year or so back and it’s been faultless.

  • I like my K2 but is does sometimes lose bluetooth connection and plugging the wire in doesn't work either so you have to do a reset.

    Also it never remembers what light setting you have the keyboard on when you turn it off/on and so for that reason I'd try and get a non rgb version (rgb was only version I could get at the time)

  • Word.

    Cycling through the ghastly colour options to get the white back light is a PITA.

    I use mine on 2 computers (Bluetooth to my work laptop, cabled to my ancient desktop) flipping the switch from BT to wired is enough for it to think I want a fucking school disco on my desk.

    I have a K4 (96% with numpad) and have had no BT issues.

  • Shitola.

  • Are the little rubber donuts good at quietening down keyboards?

    I have brown switches and it can be a little noisy when i get typing.
    Cannot seem to dial back my exuberance, so looking for something to dampen it for when I return to working from work

  • Ish, I think it reduced it a little bit but I'd say it's like 15-20% less noisy, not much more ...

  • I have a Rosewill RK-9000V2.

    My other half needs a new keyboard.

    The obvious solution is that they have my old keyboard, and I buy a new one.

    But which one?

    I'd like similar, but wireless.

  • Anyone used an ADX keyboard? Looking to dip my toe (finger) into mechanical keyboards and found a decent priced refurbished one on ebay.

  • I've got a Keychron K8, computer is running CentOS.

    The \ and ` keys are switched around. I use them a lot. How do I fix it?

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Mechanical Keyboards

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