Mechanical Keyboards

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  • After:-

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  • christmas present from me to me, even if it wont all be here till mid next year...

    GMK thinkcaps
    rama kara in moon
    tkc tangerine switches

  • New key caps for me today...

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  • Nice. Where from?

  • ahhh really good. what are they?

  • Thanks.

    The few remaining keys that weren't in my set (Enter, #~, left shift and | as it was an ANSI set not ISO) are bugging me a bit (see pics above).

    I'd got as far as finding this site:­ustom-color-cherry-mx-keycap-set-front-s­ide-print-blank.html that will do front printed ISO layouts with individual full colour/text/etc customisations for a reasonable price ($47!) but shipping to the UK is $48 for 3-5 days or $18 for 15-45 business days.

    So my odd keys are bugging me but not $65 and 3-9 weeks levels of bugging me.

  • Anyone want to buy a keychron k2? ABS caps, US layout. Comes with box, keycap puller and win/mac caps etc

    edit : brown switches

  • Which switches?

  • also interested

  • brown switches - imo the nicest sounding ones between blue/red/brown

  • I really like browns. The Durgod k320 I use at the minute has them, quite tempted to see how I'd get on with a 65% then get decision paralysis over which one...

  • i've gone with an 87 key MOTOSPEED mech keyboard to replace the keychron. I suspect it won't be as nice as the k2 but it has the connectivity options i want (2.4ghz, USB-C charging) and it doesn't look awful. Worth giving a chance.

  • How much were you after?

  • I paid 75 for it, so let's say 70 quid posted?

  • Edit - keyboard sold

  • Got some PBT caps (only replaced A-Z and Esc).

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  • Like the colours.

    If you're anything like me, the ABS ones will last another couple of days before the annoyance of how slippery and shit they feel will make you switch everything.

    Still loving my new keycaps from a few posts up^^

  • Yeah, yours look fun ;) I couldn't find many Mac layout caps, so I just ordered a full Windows (US) set, but obvs can't really use most of the other keys. Didn't like how the spacebar looked in the other colour, but I might change the arrow keys over.

  • I just got rid of the Mac caps. I know the keyboard layout so doesn’t really matter.

  • Anyone know where I can buy a Leopold FC980M please? have them in stock (though in an odd colour) but aren't shipping to the UK and I can't seem to find them in stock anywhere else...

  • Thanks to you lot of enablers I just ordered and received my first mechanical keyboard... Anne Pro2 with Geatron brown switches. Pic is of my nearly finished tiny work space, even smaller than a closet :D. And I’m trying to talk myself out of ordering some funky keycaps...

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  • Leopold FC980M

    Sorry, I'm not going to be of any help except to say nice choice. I ended up going for the FC660M, love it but sometimes I miss the extra keys

  • 5 weeks on from moving to a mechanical keyboard (Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 TKL with Cherry Red Silent) and it's bloody awesome.

    Not sure how I've ever managed to go so long without doing so. Haven't yet become a Mechanical Keyboard Bore/Evangelist...yet.

    At first I did wonder about spunking £140 on a keyboard but I realised it's how I earn my money and therefore I shouldn't need to skimp on it, same for the rest of my WFH setup. In the end I upgraded my monitor (Acer DM431K - 43" 4K) and desk (Flexispot EC1). Spent ~1% of gross annual income but it makes such a huge difference (and I'll make a bit of that back if I sell my old desk and monitors).

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Mechanical Keyboards

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