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  • Sorry. I quite liked the noise, but it is pretty loud. I swapped to a Lenovo external keyboard that's much nicer to type on (and has a trackpoint!).

  • Nah it's good. It's the perfect size, the noise is satisfying but she just hammers it. I know I used to do the same thing before I became conscious it was giving me an RSI and got my mechanical, so hopefully she'll fall out of the habit.

  • Issues with the low profile ones, from what I've read, is that the keypress is registered way before the click/bottom out of the switches which leads to a lot of accidental key inputs until you get used to it.

  • Does any one know you can run 2 devices through one Bluetooth dongle?

    I’ve ordered a Bluetooth keyboard but it’s not come with a dongle

    But I do have a dongle for the mouse.

  • Depends if you have a Bluetooth dongle or a linked connected for the mouse.

    If it’s a universal USB Bluetooth controller then you should be able to add something else.

    Easiest way to tell would be to try to add another Bluetooth device in your OS settings and see what pops up.

  • does your device have Bluetooth built in? (sorry for the obvious question)

    MrsDeth had an issue with 1 usb port and the need for 2 dongles, until i pointed out that her laptop has BT built in and can link her headset direct, negating the need for a dongle at all.

  • Luckily I have a bt mouse with dongle so was able to contact it to that one.

    I wonder how many devices can connect ...

  • I've listed a few things for sale here. I'm looking to shift them so make an offer if you're thus inclined.

  • Anyone want this left handed keyboard with Cherry black switches? I prefer my lesser brown switched one so gonna keep that. Missing the pause break and ESC caps currently. I was thinking £20 posted...

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  • I’ll bite! Pmed

  • genuine question, why isnt the qwerty layout reversed for lefties too?

  • Touch typing requires the use of both hands, and as qwerty was design to try and spread the use of each side of the keyboard (stop typewriter arm jamming) you should be able to use qwerty whether you’re left handed or not.

    I’m left handed, but right hand trained. So I write with my right, mouse with my right, but throw with left, knife and shooting hand is left.

    Having worked as a banking clerk at one point, I’ve learnt to data entry numbers with my right hand, but maybe I’ll be hugely efficient if I can type numbers with my left and keep my right hand on the mouse.

  • Lefties usually learn to type on a right-handed layout?

    Edit: what they said ^

  • To add to the above, left-handed people also don't write from right to left, unless they write Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic or some other right-to-left script, and they don't see the world in a mirror image, hence no need to actually mirror the key distribution. What does matter to them in terms of keyboard organisation is that something like the arrow keys or number block are near their dominant hand.

  • Just received this from @Silly_Savage.
    Will need to teach myself to data entry numbers with my left hand, which is far more awkward than expected. Also keep instinctively reaching for the cursor keys with my right hand and just tapping the table instead.

    Cherry black keys are firm, feel nice and solid though.

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  • edit: sold

  • Friend just posted this stealth keyboard, shared from­4361537873010691?s=20

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  • Upgrade to my K2 for summer... pbt caps are so much nicer than abs ones. Only a few minor gripes:

    1. Had to change layouts from standard Mac to UK layout (changes @ and # location mainly) so a bit of relearning
    2. Because of the colour matching, the home / pg up / pg down keys are in the wrong place so they don’t do what they say
    3. The edge of the space bar is a little sharper than the og keycaps so the side of my thumb is a little sore after a morning of typing. I think this will just be something i get used to by changing my typing position slightly
    4. No mac modifier keys so i've gone with alt, menu and blanks on the right to keep WIN off the board

    Other than that, it's nicer to look at, the keys are less slippery and feel more premium, they'll last longer and the backlight cutouts are larger which means it shines through more. Super happy with it for £60 delivered.

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  • For £60? That's just the keys, right?

    Looks great

  • Yeah, just the keycaps.

  • Try flipping the spacebar if the edge is sharp on your thumb

  • My otherwise excellent MX Master 3 has just done a thing?

    Software updated earlier and since then it won't connect to anything and the battery indicator LED is flashing red/green repeatedly. When I search on Bluetooth it comes up as "MX Master 3 Btldr"

    Any ideas?

  • Cant believe I missed this... i have quite a few MKs

    • An original 'lo' Planck
    • A USB-C Planck
    • a standard black HHKB
    • KDBFans Tofu HHKB

    Unfortunately all bloody four are locked into my office for the forseeable, so I've been using an Apple Magic Keyboard all lockdown.

    Got my eyes on the Rama KARA (­) whenever they get round to it.. can't get enough HHKBs

  • I'm now four days into using a Tofu60. (Taobao bargain, arrived quickly, no duty, would Taobao again.) Very comfortable. I chose a slightly unusual layout with 1U right shift to allow arrow keys. Today I'm more used to the layout; typing noticably faster with fewer errors.

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Mechanical Keyboards

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