Mechanical Keyboards

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  • come on you beautiful tinkerin' geeks, show us what you got.

  • Sadly no modifications... Yet...

    Leopold FC660M with Cherry Blues

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  • really like these caps... but I'll wait to use mine for a while before tinkering. It comes with Gaetron blue switches clickety clack

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  • What's the fuss about mechanical keyboards?

    (I don't really know what one is or why it's better than another)

  • Expensive, geeky and satisfyingly clicky.

    And you can argue over which type of switch is better for a particular task which makes them perfect for this forum.

  • considering the build quality of some models, options for customisation and replacements of faulty or worn parts etc, they're not actually that much (especially when compared to Apple products)

  • the one I went for was the K2 by keychron in ISO layout

  • just waiting for my K6 from kickstarter now! currently using a cheapo MagicForce with Gateron blues.

  • There was I, hoping for an informed discussion of pianos, harpsichords and clavichords. Perhaps even mighty organs.

  • I thought I ordered one of these in ISO. Realised I hadn't about 2 days after it had been dispatched. Cant wait to open the wrong keyboard.

  • nice! I did consider it and the K4 too, but I needed the extra row of F keys and not the numpad really

  • One of the reasons I haven't gotten rid of my 10 year old Lenovo laptop. The keyboard is just a joy to use. I like reassuringly tactile things.

  • from amazon or them directly? sounds like you've been waiting a while

  • Ordered direct as they weren't stock with amazon. Weren't in stock direct either just wasn't looking hard enough.

  • Oh yes, this is right up my street!

  • Recently ordered the Amazon Basics mechanical RGB keyboard, pretty feature filled for £20. Keyswitches feel decent, sounds noisier than the Cherry Blue switches I’m guessing they are copying.

    AmazonBasics Programmable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | RGB LED Backlit, UK Layout (QWERTY)­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_2PoJEbCYGDS81

  • The switches on a typical keyboard(dome membrane) when you push the button it presses down a rubber bit and that then presses metal to metal when it bottoms out which is kinda a thud for your fingertip. On most mechanical key switches they have a tactile bump and the switch registers as on half way along so you aren't constantly thudding your fingertip down as hard. Longterm that will also help reduce RSI.

    Can easy pick up a tenkeyless for £30 or full size for £40 if you don't mind cheaper switch types.

  • Using a MS Natural Ergonomic 4000, really wish they made it with mechanical switches

  • That would be great, I was thinking of the Intellimouse as well, not realising they rereleased it recently!


  • K2 arrived this morning and it's very satisfying to type on.

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  • Lovely, some keyboard I have on rotation:

    -IBM model M buckling spring UK layout
    -Filco Majestouch 2 Ninja tenkeyless - cherry MX red
    -Ducky - Cherry MX red

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  • Not hugely exciting, but I haven't found any other left handed mechanical keyboards. I would hate to go back to using a righty now for workflow reasons, this makes so much more sense when you're using the mouse and numpad a lot, and besides it's fun watching the confusion on peoples faces when they use my computer.

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  • Wouldn’t it make sense if all the keys were reversed too? I.e. ytrewq

  • Nice! Where did you order from?

  • Wait, people use the numpad with their mouse hand?

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Mechanical Keyboards

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