Helmets for children - recommendations?

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  • Hello,

    Anyone any thoughts on this? Have just brought a child seat (one of the Thule seatpost mounted ones). Now need a helmet. He is currently 15 months. Have read a bunch of reviews online, but thought i would see if anyone has any useful experiences.

    (Couldn’t find an existing thread elsewhere, but please point out if I am being a moron)

  • Giro scamp is our choice, no complains,

    We have brought about 7 abus ones for friends now...

  • Thanks. Yeah - the Giro looks like a good one (MIPS etc). Out of interest what age was yours when they started wearing it?

  • We had a Giro Scamp and now a Lazer P’Nut. Both have been great.

  • Avoid the Lazer ones, they don’t have a ratchet tightening headband, so they just wobble about on the kid’s head. Weirdly the Halfords one we had lasted well was comfy but didn’t look super cool. My lad now has a Raleigh branded one which was good value for money.

  • 17 months? She’s still in it now at 2.5 years. Reckon she’s got another 6-8months before a new one!

  • Catlike Kitten for us - he's had two over the past 5 years and still on the second one. They have been excellent.

  • I’ve been using one on my 4 year with no issues for some time.

  • Thanks all - really helpful. Think we are going with the Giro.

  • We bought a Giro Dime MIPS at age one (birthday gift), almost three years later we are thinking about buying a new one. Helmet still fits but we always replace a helmet after three to four years of use.

  • Any thoughts on the merits of a Giro Dime vs a more road/hybrid one like the Scamp?

    @Wouter - did you ever have heat/ventilation issues?

    My gut says skate style hemlets are always safer. The kid will be a passenger for at least the next 3-5 months and then it would just be a balance bike, so I wouldn't have thought the heat would be an issue.


  • If kiddo nails it, face first, the scamp has a little peak, hopefully keeping their face off the ground.

    I think in reality either will be more than safe it’s just style preference

  • Good point.

    Plus the kids ones seem to close around the back of the head more than an adult one would.

    Surprised by the price difference of between the MIPS and non-MIPS. I got all excited thinking I'd found a deal only to realise it's a snowboarding helmet...which will probably be the same but with removable winter padding, but in this weather not worth the punt.

  • No, we did not have ventilation issues. Not even during multi hour cycling trips inside a Bullitt.

    Recently we replaced the helmet with an Uvex hlmt 4 as he had grown out of the Dime. We have been using the Dime for almost three years without issues.

    Much less weight, nicer colors and more ventilation for the Uvex.
    He cycles on his own now (alongside one of use) and is the king of slow riding. Ventilation is now more important now due a lack of airflow.

    Those skate style helmets are heavy! The Uvex is much lighter compared to the Dime. In hindsight I would not have ordered a Dime but something with less weight.

    Dime MIPS size xs: 405 gram
    HLMT 4 CC size 51-55 cm: 252 gram
    Weighted using our kitchen scale.

  • I just bought an EGG helmet. The construction is top-notch, covering very good, and it has a hard shell. It also fits very small heads.

    I'm not sure how good a single-impact EPS helmet with a stamped PET exterior still is after being bashed around for months, so a BMX-style construction was favoured.

  • Cheers both.

    Still umming and ahhing. We've decided to go for a MIPS one. But I'm still searching for a non-black one. It's not the end of the world, but it seems a shame that Giro do all sorts of cool colours for the non-MIPS, but not for the MIPS.

  • If anyone is after a helmet but not fussed on timings this shop seems cheap: https://www.hibike.com/find-products-bra­nds-and-more-mg-1--1?query=mips+kids

    Ordered one, but annoyingly didn't notice they had to order it in from the supplier and have no time estimation, so cancelled.

  • Both of my kids used Giro Scamps from the time they were old enough until ~2yrs. We also have a Nutcase kids helmet that fits really well and doesn’t move much despite the lack of adjusting ratchet in the back. The elastic seems to do nicely, along with the greater coverage of the skate-style brain bucket.

    The Giro is the lighter of the two, which is preferable for when the kids invariably fall asleep and their heads flop forwards. I worry about much extra weight acting on their little necks as we bounce along on the bike.

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Helmets for children - recommendations?

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