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  • It's certainly a marked contrast to how it was before the Cummings affair. People tried to observe the letter of the rules, which all changed when it was revealed that he had broken them and wouldn't be held to account for it, most likely lying to save his role in government. Since then, most people just haven't cared. I wouldn't call that covidiocy, though; that's reserved for those who try to put forward fallacious arguments for ideological reasons.

    I've just heard, but haven't looked up yet, that in Germany some people were apparently planning to stand outside schools to try to get kids to remove their masks, which not only feels a bit creepy but also completely objectionable just for targeting kids.

  • This sounds like some Internet-organised flash mob, which is a bad idea even in non-COVID-19 times:­reaking-covid-rules-harrods-police-b1878­13.html

    I must admit that I like the article mainly for the use of the word 'shop' in the Met statement when referring to Harrods:

    In a statement, Met police said: "Police were called at around 13:09hrs on Saturday, 5 December to reports of a large group of people attempting to enter a shop in Brompton Road, SW1.


  • I know it's been a tough year but there's no need for the rudeness of some people. i went out for a walk on the moors above hebden bridge today and saw a guy eating soup all on his tod. sat down near him and he told me to fuck off because I might have covid! i think I'd know mate - im a doctor FFS!

  • I get this reference!!


    Man dies onboard a cross-US United Airlines flight, airlines spokeswoman says the family knew he had been displaying Covid symptoms.

    Feeling conflicted about posting this here since the guy died, but if he had symptoms then him dying doesn’t take away that he was a selfish cunt for exposing everyone else.

  • I wouldn't feel any conflict, I only wish that his death meant he didn't infect anyone else... The fact the family knew he had symtoms and didn't stop him or anything... You can't beat that kind of selfishness.

  • For next time...

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  • The passenger Aldapa who performed CPR for an hour, serious kudos.

  • Made that mistake years ago when I did CPR on an unconscious woman.

    Turned out she had Hep C. Also the boyfriend had just kicked the shit out of her.

    Had blood test and then a witness statement in a murder case in Court.

    Fun times.

    BBC Man arrested over canal towpath killing in Leeds

  • Good news- There’s a relatively new vegan cafe near me that does tasty takeaway food.

    Bad news- It’s an anti-vaxer/ truther hive that hosted a bunch of people fresh from a maskless protest in Asda and Poundland.

  • The united kingdom microcosm on your doorstep!

  • Name and shame?

  • So, my partner works in telly, and one of her colleagues has been disruptive for months with COVID conspiracist nonsense, spouting about it in meetings, upsetting other members of staff who have been affected etc.

    This person has now announced a refusal to work on any programme that mentions COVID. Given that the individual's role involves working right across the schedule, it means they are basically going on strike until COVID is no longer mentioned on the TV. Sounds legit.

  • I watched someone pick up some unwrapped bread in a local Co-op yesterday, massage it, press into it a number of times with their fingers before putting it back and choosing different loaves. When I challenged them, they said, 'Everyone makes mistakes'.

  • Yeah, that annoyed me pre covid never mind now.

    Good on you saying something, but what more can you do?

  • There's only one solution

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  • (I'm not sure what message I'm trying to convey with that tbh, that film's just been on my mind a bit recently).

  • Well I'm flattered to be part of your carefully realised render, but on the other hand....eek

  • We took the kid to a medieval joust thing at the weekend, kind’ve expected it to be busy but at least some Covid awareness. What pandemic?

    *picture taken from the distance we spent the entire shitshow.

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  • “It’s ok, we’re outside, and I’ve been vaccinated, and there’s hardly any cases anymore, and you’re being too sensitive like you used to be last year....”

    “I don’t care, I haven’t been vaccinated, I don’t care, just get the fuck out of my space ok man?”

    Sorta verbatim convo I had spectating at the velodrome recently with a ‘mate’ who doesn’t want to get it.

  • "We've lost... medieval jousting!"

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