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  • Like people who start yet another trite thread on Covid-19 forums,
    or people who shame other for interpreting the (ambiguous) guidance in a way that differs to their understanding

  • Like people who start yet another trite thread on Covid-19 forums

    The home hairstyle thread is all we really need

  • i don't get the obsession with numbers

    "oooh look how many people died in france today"

    "ooooh that's a 34% increase on china's number, per capita, at the same point after patient zero"

    "oooooh get us"

    "from this we can extrapolate something"

    "mmmmmmm isn't it?"

    morbid weirdos

  • You mean lfgss stat nerds won't be the ones to save us all :-(

  • 2.5% increase in sass per day, multiplied by a factor of 3 in saltyness, divided by a coefficient of outright snark... oh shit. It's a pandemic!

  • im determined to come out the other side of this as the very cleverest little poster on here and all the other boys will know it

  • I’m at home, exasperated, on top of the homekeeping stuff I’m trying to keep one kid on top of his homework and the todler from destroying everything so that my wife has a fair chance to work a little.
    And I’m so bloody pissed off by everyone who is bored or suddenly have time to draw or organise crap or whatever!

  • Pinnacle of my work day was making a lemon drizzle cake and a steak pie.

    You have my utterly meaningless, nutrition-free sympathies however.

  • Who's fault is that, breeder?

    For you, I promise not to draw anything. I may accidentally learn a new skill but I very much doubt it.


    I guess this should go here, all round my ends so local Facebook groups etc. are full of people saying they shouldn't have gone out and others saying RIP, they're paying their respects, shitty situation all round.

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