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  • Hello my name is Inesa and I’m a nurse is the bike still available pls thank you so much

  • my bike is now in several pieces in my garden shed, so if you could remove it from the list that would be good, cheers.

  • Mine is not yet gone... but has been reserved for someone.

    The first two nurses failed to collect, the third I only spoke to a few days ago and is going to collect tomorrow. But... if that fails to happen then certainly I'm happy to let you know and to donate it to you instead.

  • Hi all! Lovely to see things like this in the community. Has anyone got a large woman's bike available at all? I am a nurse , my husband (who works for NHS too) is going to be using the car to get to work and I need a bike for me to get to work 😀

  • Hi there where are you based?

    I might have a women's bike in Woolwich but I would need to check it over first.

  • I have two junior doctors both 5'8, one female.one male.
    Male has shortish legs (trouser 28)
    Female longish (trouser 34).
    If anyone has anything... do let me know- would be very helpful for them.

  • Sorry if you've had no response to this. Have you tried messaging anyone in the list?
    I may be picking up a couple of bikes on Sunday but I think they need work

  • Result today, NHS nurse Sasha with her newly refurbished Raleigh

  • @jj72 I passed on your lights along with the above bike :)

  • An 18 speed 54cm hybrid bike has been left in our communal bike shed for over 2 years, by a former resident, who has obviously forgotten all about it. Looks like it has hardly been used, will need the dust removing. Free to any key worker with ID. Can be collect from near the big Tesco in Bromley by Bow

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  • @Robbiebee 54cm 18 speed hybrid E3

  • This is great thank you

  • Hi all,
    An NHS worker friend has had her bike stolen during a shift (eugh!) and is now in need of a new one. Anything available that can help her out? She's quite small so kids / S / XS bikes will be best. Thank you!

  • I have something that could be suitable, PMd

  • I have a Kona Honky Tonk steel road bike in largish size (57cm) would suit someone 5'11'' to 6'2'' (I'm 6'2''). Location: Acton/ Chiswick but could arrange to deliver within walk home distance.

  • I've just fixed up this old Apollo, garden find.

  • looks great - hope it finds a home

  • Yes I've become quite fond of it!

    If anyone has some 650A x 1.5" tyres, 0r 37 -590mm, that would be great. Rear is a bit cracked.

    Halfords and decathlon click and collect are unavailable, and I don't want to order delivery as I'm trying to not add to the delivery vans on the road.

  • To get your bike to someone in need, contact these guys on twitter. Below is a spreadsheet they have compiled of NHS workers who need bikes.

  • Thanks for sharing William! Yes we at Tour de Thanks are having multiple requests a day so we would really appreciate any donations. Such a great forum thanks guys!

    Lucy from Tour de Thanks!
    You can also message me on here now I have an account :)

  • @tourdethanks I am just sending you a PM, I have an old bike to donate!

  • Hi everyone - I have a free bike for someone around 5’ 3 – 5’7 ish. Photo attached.

    It does need a bit of work which is outside of my ability but I hope it can be fixed for someone especially a key worker.

    The gears are on stem shifters and need some adjustment. It’s currently in a middle gear and wont shift. My dad tells me it is “1 simple screw” to fix it but really I don’t know what I am doing! Wheels are not true and also needs a saddle.

    Let me know if this is useful. I am based in Brixton and could drop locally. If it’s too much work, I will instead post it on classifieds.


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  • Hey Lori, we have a lovely nurse that this bike would suit! We have a kind Gent in Islington that’s fixing bikes for our initiative. Would you be able to drop there or is that too far? If not we can try see if we can get in touch with local bike shops in Brixton!

    Lucy @ tourdethanks

  • Hi Lucy, yes Islington is fine and I can get a hire bike home. I will send you a PM

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Free bikes and servicing for essential workers during Covid-19. If you have a spare bike, post it here.

Posted by Avatar for William. @William.