• To members: Please post your bike or offer of servicing in the thread and it will be added to the list. Please direct here anyone you know in NHS etc who needs a bike.

    Free Bikes for Key workers, carers, NHS and front line staff
    Please click on the username and send a message to make contact. You can join the forum just by entering your email. As indicated, some bikes are a donation, some are an indefinite loan for as long as required. You will need some form of ID to collect your bike.

    NB:Frame sizes where included are in CM, suitable rider height in feet/inches are approximate- all bikes can be adjusted. Bromptons are all the same size :)

    @Robbiebee 54cm (medium) 18 speed hybrid bike E3
    @William. Medium 54cm (medium) Geared Cyclocross bike, location SE18 or SE19 Images below
    @jsabine Small 49cm Galaxy Touring Bike SE7 (Loan. 48hrs notice please)
    @jsabine Large 56cm Marin hybrid SE7. (Loan. 48hrs notice please)
    @Dexter Small (5' to 5'4") Raleigh Coventry SE5. (Loan)
    @damitamit Small 52cm (5'5 to 5'9) Singlespeed. Lock included. N8
    @hippy Medium full suspension Kona mountain bike. Central London
    @knowthejo Brompton Folding bike SE15 (Loan)
    @Zed Brompton folding bike

    Free bike SERVICE for Key workers, NHS, carers and front line staff

    Some of these are professional mechanics / bike shops, most are non-professional but experienced and well equipped. Message or post here with your issue to find out if someone can help.

    @William. Woolwich SE18
    @jsabine SE7
    @Batt E9
    @Hjusth Herne Hill
    @knowthejo SE15
    @jj72 (Two Wheels Good bike shop, professional mechanics) CR7
    @filmaj (Pro mechanic, free parts) North London area see map here https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15202563/­

    @William. 's bikes:

    I have this 'cross bike for indefinite loan. Located in Woolwich, but could also be picked up from Crystal Palace. 54cm frame, could fit someone 5'8" to 5'11" ish (I'm 5'10")
    I also have spare parts and a full toolkit for anyone who's had a bike vandalised or needs a service.

  • I have a Brompton that I will gift to any front line NHS staff member with an NHS identity card.

    It's in crouch end N8. I will supply a bag with it. It's red.

    You'd still need your own lock, helmet.

    Edit: This is now dibs'd by @DoubtfulAce for an NHS Dr.

  • Is there a way of publicising this thread to, and allowing communication with non-members?

  • It's already publicly visible, non-members merely have a couple of clicks to become members and reply, and the thread has only existed for a few hours... give it a little more time, I'm sure people on here who know workers in the NHS will let them know by the grape vine over the next day or two.

  • EDIT: bike now in parts

  • I was denied bike servicing by a certain shop despite being moved to working in ITU next week - proceeded to have a mechanical failure and crashed my bike earlier this week.

    Think I'm on the mend and feel able to ride by next week but wondering if anyone has a basic single speed bike for borrowing in the 50-53cm range?

  • I have a 54cm fixed gear Langster, it's fairly beaten up but worked last time I rode it. You could fit a freewheel onto the other side of the hub.

  • I've got a small (49cm?) Galaxy, and a larger (56cm?) Marin hybrid in SE7. Both need a bit of attention but 48 hours notice should see either of them ridable: prefer to think of them as loaners, but long term definitely no problem.

    Happy to fit parts/service/adjust other bikes too.

  • Based in E9, and very happy to fix, fit, service or give advice 🧰

  • se5 and also happy to help with parts and fitting, general checks or whatever :)

  • I'm looking for a bike for a colleague, we're both Met officers based in West London. Trying to avoid public transport getting to / from work.

    He's 5'10 / 5'11, and not fussed at all re. type of bike, just that it functions! Won't be going a great distance. Max budget £150.

    Anyone got anything suitable?

  • This might be most suitable (and thanks all) - me and my bike are in E14 but I am going to Homerton hosp for 1330-1430 tomorrow and could maybe catch ya before and assess?

  • He's 5'10 / 5'11, and not fussed at all re. type of bike, just that it functions!

    Marin hybrid I mentioned above? SE7, so wrong side of London, but happy to offer it either as a loan, or within that budget.

  • Is the Brompton still available ? If so can I dibs for a NHS Doctor, she'll be trading up from Boris bikes.

  • Marked as dibs'd, given it a wash, topped up the tyres, ensured the gears change smoothly, checked brakes.

    It's a Brompton 3-speed (Sturmey Archer) straight handlebar with Ortlieb bag, Fizik Aliante saddle and some ergo grips.

    Looks a lot like this:

    1 Attachment

    • Annotation 2020-04-05 101550.png
  • I have a Raleigh Coventry that would be fine for someone between 5' and 5'4 available for loan/very cheap sells. SE5.

  • So many bikes get nicked from NHS workers who lock them outside hospitals. I was about to loan my bike to a doctor yesterday, but he said it was too expensive to lock outside. He has had more than one nicked from outside a hospital in Islington. Mine, worth about £400, was for him too much of a risk, even though I offered to lend a lock.

    Feel a bit demoralised, and stumped, by this problem. Any ideas how to deal with it?

  • laka it .. then cancel if you dont need later

  • Any ideas how to deal with it?

    I'm considering my bike a donation.

    Whilst it is a Brompton in good nick and has a value even second hand in the £600 region... I figure that an NHS worker won't want the psychological burden and stress of worrying whether it is safe or not with regards to "Shit, if it gets stolen I owe this stranger money".

    Frankly, I feel that getting bikes to those who need them is a life and death thing... and that the value of the bike is really not that great in the scheme of things.

    Really it comes down to this though:

    I don't have much money to donate to anyone right now, but we all have a spare bike due to our n+1 habits. Donating 1 bike each (not expecting a penny back, nor the bike back) for those who have a dirty n+1 bike habit feels like the right thing to do.

    So I'm happy to donate my bike to someone truly in need, and am not expecting it back which alleviates the concern of theft for me, and the stress of that for the NHS worker.

    I also have spare locks with single keys (that deter me from using them) so am going to throw that into the donation too.

  • Thanks Velocio !

  • Got this singlespeed, ratty enough to be locked up outside. 52cm frame, so could be adjusted for someone 5'5 to 5'9 i reckon. Good working nick and will also check it over.

    Located in N8. Also have a spare lock for it.

    Can be gifted to any front line NHS staff member with an NHS identity card.

  • Just spoken to the NHS worker who will be accepting my Brompton.

    Even better news, if it's a folding bike they can lock them in one of the Drs office.

    So perhaps those who have Bromptons they are not using should consider this their moment to shine.

  • Your image is a link to your Google Photos or Gmail and won't work as it's not public for anyone else :)

    You need a public sharing link.

  • I can't see your photo, not sure if problem is my end. chrome on mac.

  • I've got this Kona A dual suspension singlespeed MTB in my office in town.
    It has slicks on it and flat pedals. It's probably a Medium/18" but I'd have to check.

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Free bikes and servicing for essential workers during Covid-19. If you have a spare bike, post it here.

Posted by Avatar for William. @William.