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  • Whats a good fitness app that has android and desktop intergration? Mainly interested in recording walks, runs and home workouts with heart rate information

  • This seller has the best priced kettlebells I've seen. It's a pre-order so still won't get them for another few weeks.

  • Back to work for me now, I’m fitter and lighter than when it started even though I had a pretty bad may where I seemed to be putting on a kg every week. How is everyone else doing?

  • My fitness training from end of May onwards involved finding the nearest hill to Manchester and running over it a few times a week and some circuit training. My god every extra kg of body fat makes running up hills exponentially harder and makes running down them more wobbly.

  • Well back into running (still got a fair way to go).

    7kg down so far in Lockdown. Still not back in the office (doubt it will be before September at the earliest). Still got another 16kg I'd like to lose.

    Leg Blasters and pushups have disappeared from the routine.

    Looking forward to getting back into the pool and on the bike at the gym (and spin class) as I can use that to up my exercise hours (can't add any more running time otherwise I'll just injure myself).

  • 14 day quarantine to serve, not looking forward to it, might as well punish myself into losing holiday weight.

    Recommendations for rapid fat loss for 14 days, no need for it to be sustainable.

    Current idea is intermittent fasting 1400 cals per day, fasted cardio in the morning, second shorter interval session/kettlebells in the afternoon.

    In theory that will be a calorie deficit of 20000 for the 2 weeks for 5.7lb of fat loss, probably a bit more with body recomposition.

    Any recommendations? Considered Keto, but will struggle with the cycling/cardio volume and might take a while for ketogenesis to kick in properly, same with low carb.

    Food intake will be clean, so current plan is sweet potatoes, lentils, etc for carbs, plenty of protein and veg (including broccoli+kale) and supplementing with healthy fats.

  • Why not just fast for 14 days and forgo all exercise? Just chain yourself to a bed and have a water drip feeder keeping you alive. Or, just eat sensibly and get back into the exercise routine for something less dramatic.

  • Do you live with anyone? You are going to be grumpy if restricting the calories that much and housebound!

  • I’ve been riding/working out for the past 3 weeks in France, just considerably more bread, cheese and wine than normal.

    Also want to minimise the loss of the small amount of muscle I currently have.

    Also need to earn a living, and zoom meetings go a different direction when chained to a bed.

  • zoom meetings go a different direction when chained to a bed.

    and how!

  • I bought a rice cooker about a month ago and the weight is coming off relatively easily as it’s really easy to portion control, would totally recommend for anyone trying to lose weight but struggles with portions.

  • Wife, 4 year old girl, 5 month old boy.
    Grumpy is normal.

  • Maybe an additional revenue stream?
    Might need to pay for Zoom in that case...

  • Haha I like your style.

  • How do you use the rice cooker to portion control! I find I eat excessive amounts of rice when cooking rice with the rice cooker!

  • Mine does 1 cup portions which I share with my girl friend, works out about 250 cals each and enough to fill me up but not put me to sleep.

    Also makes knocking up a relatively decent meal really quick, can grab some leftover curry or chilli out the freezer whilst it’s cooking when in hunger panic mode without too much thought.

  • I also didn’t realise how much I love rice, it’s a great carb!

  • Do the exercise. Do more if you can. Don’t eat more than a handful of rice per meal (or equivalent). Eat all the greens, peppers, onions/garlic, fish you want. Ban beer. And don’t take advice from the internet.

  • Ban beer.

    What about spirits?

  • Clear ones are ok.

  • Sushi rice every day mmmm

    Also the volume of rice depends greatly on the type of rice. A spoon of basmati is very different to a spoon of sticky rice.

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Quarantine fitness

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