Quarantine fitness

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  • I just had a look, he doesn't jump and those other two crossfitters doing 1000 burpees do a fucking tiny little jump. No wonder I was so fucked caned doing a few of them, I was doing a proper jump from the pushup bit.

  • Try doing them with a tuck jump, that will ruin you....

  • Mmm, hello abs

  • More importantly glutes!

    100 burpees after an easy spin. 8:26, proper pushups, proper jumps. (Not tuck jumps though, maybe this weekend)

  • My arse is fine with all that noise. My arse can take it. My arse has dealt with punishment for years... Arse jokes ad infinitum...
    It's my abs that were getting done in with tuck jumps and the thrust and landing was fucking my legs up when doing 'normal' burpees.
    I'm only riding and doing some pushups now. I've lost interest in all the other bollocks.

  • L sit chinups? Arms, back and core. While looking boss.

  • While looking boss

    Until I fall on my arse on the first rep.

  • Never done burpees before and wondered what all the fuss was about. Did 70 on and off through the day. Wrecked. They are harder than they look.

  • Yeah, like lifting, you can bust through a bunch of reps thinking you're King Dick and then you have to get someone to push you out of bed and scrape you off the floor the next two days because no body parts work any more.

  • Failed in Week 5 of the hundred push ups thing. the step up in reps is too much, back to week 4... again

  • I kept going up and then missing a day and then I've just gone back to 3 and thought fuck this, I've got other things to sort out.

  • I've been focusing on the beers, I'll get that nailed then carry on.

  • I'm too far behind, I'll never get all the reps in. The lock down has really put a dent in my beer drinking.

  • Just drink some beer, beer frenzy yourself through 2 sets of 50 and then collapse.

  • I am quite the opposite, and I had a pretty good starting position.

  • Much better idea.

  • Got back into running in the last two weeks, taking it slow, going for a 5k a day sometimes add a bit more if the legs feel good. Pretty much only eating dinner (straight after the run)and I am down 6 pound. I have done IF before but now it just naturally became my routine, having some fruits, maybe a cucumber and some olives throughout the day and then dinner.

  • Productivity has increased too as less gaffing around making myself something to eat every three to four hours

  • How much are you eating for dinner?
    You’ll need a eat a rather huge amount of food in one go?

  • I've done 5882 steps today.

    And, scarily, that includes a 5k run this morning.

    WFH and sat at desk for the other 12h in the day.

  • Maybe a bit more than before, but I think I was stress eating heavily in the first few weeks of lockdown and gained a lot of weight.

  • 50/40/30/20/10 pushups,sit-ups,squats no rest, 10x3 L-sit chin-ups yesterday.

    100 burpees, 5x15, 1x25 30s rest. 7:24 today.

    Definitely feeling the benefit of the burpee challenge conditioning from last month.

  • Week 6/6 of the 100pushups.com challenge looks like this. Three days like this to go and then a final test on Saturday I suppose. The sets are still quite easy, but doing that every day, there's some volume, I feel a bit stiff and tired on some days but fine on most. Kind of boring at this point to do them so many times a day every day and hard to keep up with it when I've been out somewhere, like a couple of bikepacking weekends. But still it's been good to do something to break up the work days and have a challenge.

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  • Missus is now pushing on (pardon the pun) with these but I've stopped. I get enough arm work lifting pints and don't seem to progress when I get around the 20-30 per set mark so basically they can get fucked. Get me a fucking squat rack.

  • Did 100 burpees in 6:53 (20x5, 30s rest) and then spent a couple of hours shovelling slate chippings.
    Absolutely shattered today...

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Quarantine fitness

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