Quarantine fitness

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  • I'm so unfit I can't even do them at that speed after the first 20 or so - have to have a couple of pants for breath between each one!

  • My yoga studio has switched to Zoom so I'm actually doing that almost daily now as opposed to 2/3 times a week.

    I've started running for pretty much the first time in forever. I managed 5k in 25 minutes, today.

    I'm going to try and alternate that with a bodyweight fitness thing I tried a few years ago. Did the first day yesterday and the DOMS on my thighs is extreme!


    Very good info on the progressions etc.

    I also got those crazy heavy crossrope weighted skipping ropes last year and didn't use them all that much so I'm going to integrate those in too.

    I used to box so I quite like skipping.

    Will be tough to keep the motivation up for all this though.

  • 100 burpees done, not doing swings today as some lovely doms in ass and lower back, they feel nice rather than painful but want to allow them to heal a bit.

    Running starts again tomorrow after 3 weeks off.

  • They are brutal, I wouldn’t expect to do them at speed without loads of practise, I’m having a good few breaths in between at the moment, 1 every 8 seconds, keeps it more aerobic.

  • https://www.gq.com/story/inside-the-grea­t-kettlebell-shortage

    No swings for me today, forearms were tired this morning and I don't fancy tendonitis.

    Back on it tomorrow morning.

  • Done 100 burpees(without the push-up) in 10x10 over the course of the day. Even only doing 10x felt tough as not done them in years.
    Also doing the 100pushup, 200squat, 200situp apps as well.
    Will alternate days between burpees and the other 3(which I do in 1 go first thing in the morning). Not gonna add the push-up to the burpee any time soon but will aim to reduce the number of sets.

  • Every other day seems about right to get the forearms recovered.

    My lower back and lats are burning, no doubt will be worse tomorrow.

    I’m doing a live stream Taekwondo class for my students, might try and sneak in 100 burpees in the 40 minutes or so.

  • Every other day seems about right to get the forearms recovered.

    You're clearly not factoring in WFH w/ free Pornhub Premium accounts.

  • If you don’t recognise your grip strength, does it count as cheating?

  • 5km run. Felt ok. Back to kettlebell and burpee malarkey tomorrow.

  • Between the burpees and the swings I seem to be sore in most places which is a good sign I think.

  • 100 burpees done, also did bench and shoulder press. Swings are hurting my knee so only doing small sets. Now onto the beer sets.

  • been doing yoga every day.

    alternating days of trainer road, focusing on 60 to 90 minute sessions from the base training medium volume.

    cardio fitness is returning after about a year of barely riding a bike, but am rather overweight so may have to up the frequency and duration of trainer road sessions. today was the first 120 minute turbo session

    tomorrow will be yoga and moving the best part of 1 cubic metre of soil and compost to make a veg bed

    one benefit of the last 1.25 years of daily yoga is I am flexible and can be comfortable on the turbo and can regulate breathing better. am wondering how much the cycling will fuck with my flexibility

  • Anyone recommend any online courses? Just tried the free Fiit Trial and it was shit to be honest. Erractic moves that you cant do in a living room, yeah nice one dickheads...

  • 100 Burpees done, 5 every 2 minutes as part of a Taekwondo session, then 10, 2 minutes stretch, then 15 x 2 with 30 seconds break.

    My lats were screaming at me, but managed to make it through, when live-streaming to students, there is an additional fear of failure...

  • Push harder instead of longer.

    My FTP training program is quite satisfying and only takes an hour per day.

    90k on the indoor trainer leaves you with a sore ass for sure unless you get out of the saddle every now and then. I have no problem with 200k rides in real life but one hour of pushing on the turbo feels worse as it’s constant.

  • Given up on the burpees, my inability to do more than 10 proper push ups just meant I was doing loads of bad mini push ups and jumping a bit, it knackered me out but probably isn't promoting good form or anything other than massive pain in my core. Gonna have a go at a press up training thing until I can bosh out 50 or so then come back to it with arms and core that are stronger than my 9 year old child's.

  • Day 2 of 100Pushups over here. Maybe try that? Burpees are fucking dumb. Probably invented by some PE teacher somewhere. Close, it was invented in the US in the 1930s. The proper one, not the crossfit one everyone does.

  • Hungover burpees for me tomorrow again tomorrow, fml, work gave us a 6 day weekend so can’t complain.

  • My garden is 12m long, what’s a realistic distance I could try and lunge walk? Don’t want to fail like the 10,000 swings. This is a one off, bored, challenge. 1km is out the picture isn’t it?

  • Can you injure yourself lunge waking?

  • Going to say yes.

    I'm still going for the 10k swings but working up to 500 within my regular KB workout. The first 10k workout just put too much strain on my forearms so I went back to my regular workout this morning. 200 swings next time, then upwards.

  • Yes, excess pressure on knees, etc.
    1km of lungs walking sounds horrendous.

    Almost as bad as 4 laps round a running track in duck walk...

  • Ok 100m lunge walk sounds reasonable then. I’m going to resume swings tomorrow but I need to get quite a bit of practise in before getting the 10,000 swing challenge underway.

  • I've started something like that, day one seemed way too easy, but maybe that's the point after the pain following the last attempt, exercise is fucking stupid.

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Quarantine fitness

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