Quarantine fitness

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  • Can I have your squat rack? :)

  • My girlfriend owns half of it I’m afraid and has been using it, also it’s up here in Manchester and no essential travel etc haha. I will start using it soon...hopefully.

  • Isn't it 1, 15, 25, 50 with strength movements in between and then 30-60 seconds rest, then straight back on it?

  • That's what I thought originally as it isn't particularly clear but I think the version with two rest periods is correct.

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  • That seems better, I didn't read the article that far down, as the light text on black background was bugging me.

  • Did 2 or 3 TGUs each side - deffo need to practice these if I want to crank out the reps!
    Then 10x10 swings, alternating double and single handed
    Finished with 2x20 burpees and said fuck doing any more.
    And the grass has made my legs very itchy.

  • 300 swings in, my grip strength is non existant, please pray for my plasterboard

  • Ha, there’s absolutely no way I’d be trying this inside!

  • 500 swings at 20kg done, 46.52, had to break up some of the 50 swings and add a 10 second break to let my forearms recover a bit.
    First 200 I did wide grip pullups, but then realised my grip strength wouldn't make it if I carried on.

    Will do pistols instead next time, my legs and body generally feel fine, except for the forearms.

  • Burpees, 10x10, 30 second test between sets.
    9:31, HR in last set was 188. Oof

  • I’m putting mine off until after a late lunch of leftover pie. This is my motivation for keeping the exercise up.

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  • Guys where does a novice start with the Burpees? Teach me the way.

  • +1, am considering the same (but to be fair am thus far nervous and haven't started)

  • Do 50 2 days in a row, then have a rest day because of the pain, then make it a rest weekend because it still fucking hurts, then add another rest day just to make sure, then go for a ride instead today.

  • I did 50 today. God I am weak. Apparently I haven't used my arms for years.

  • I just ate leftover tiramasu, god I’m not looking forward to burpees.

  • Ramp Test. Added more watts. Go me.

    I'm sure upstairs will think I have Covid with the amount of breathing, coughing, spluttering, panting that was going on.

  • Especially as that didn’t look like a leftover pie, more a brand new full pie.

  • It’s more difficult than the component parts done separately due to the requirement to get from a flat on the floor position to a jump.
    If you can’t do 50 pushups and 50 squat jumps in the same timeframe, clearly burpees will be very difficult.

    Try lying down on the ground and stand up, and repeat 50 times, it’s not easy.

    Keep your body tight, and keep your form good. Try not to let your body move inefficiently, Smoothly move into the next position.

    Try and give yourself at twice as much rest as burpee time to begin with.
    If a burpee takes you 3 seconds, at least 6 seconds rest.

    10 burpees, 60s rest.

    And then either increase reps or shrink recovery time, or both.

    If you can do 100 in a row, you are a monster, as it’s effectively continous burpees for 5 minutes.

    I’m going to work towards 8 minutes (sets of 15 x 6 + 10 with 30 seconds rest)

  • I had 1/6 which has still done me in, 4pm on the dot I start my workout, until then... coma.

  • 10 mins is my burpee target by the end of the month, 10 burpees then rest for the remainder of the 60s.

  • Thanks. It appears more complicated than had imagined. I'll try a cautious 10 tomorrow.

  • I abandoned the burpees after day 4 - my knees were starting to complain, who would have thought throwing myself to the ground & standing up again 100 times would annoy my knees... have switched to 100 push ups instead, seems almost enjoyable by comparison.

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Quarantine fitness

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