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  • No worries - one of the instructors at the gym I go to is proper old school & has loads of great tips for proper technique, if I remember any good ones I'll throw them in here - I've been doing kb regularly for a a few years and every now & again she'll walk past & say "try this..." and it'll be a proper lightbulb moment...

    To get into good swinging technique, try wrapping a small towel round the handle, it makes it impossible to grip the bell tight enough that you'll be able to pull up with your arms / shoulders & you'll learn to rely on your posterior chain to drive it - hump it

    Good one to watch out for hypertension at the top of the swing is to stand perfectly straight & have someone behind you with a loosely clenched fist positioned in between your shoulder blades 2/3 inches away, start swinging & every time you start to lean back & arch your spine you'll know about it as you'll get a dull one in the back.

    For your cleans, try starting in the rack position holding a towel between your elbow & side, use your shoulder to nudge the bell forward to into a small swing & try to generate enough momentum with the hip thrust to get the bell back up to the rack position without dropping the towel, keep a loose-ish grip and the bell should slide over hand back into the rack position without smashing your forearm / shoulder, a little dip when comes back to the start position will cushion it a bit - try not to lean back when it comes back up - start / finish position should always be a vertical plank.

  • Main issue is the bruising about 5 inches down from my wrist when snatching and jerking

    I've had this before but only using 10kg bell. Hate to think what 28 is like! Love the kids laughing :)

  • 28kg is bloody heavy to start off with, be really careful when moving it around as you could injure yourself picking it up with bad technique.

  • Cool, cheers.
    Swings I'm alright with - I think I'm reasonably well trained to get the drive from the hips/legs from doing Olympic lifting. Gonna take some video side on to check everything's in the right place. I have done a bit of kettlebell over the years via crossfit and other things, although never with a 28kg bell.
    The other issue is that the grass that I'm lifting on is very uneven - so stabilising the weight is even harder. I'm sure I'll get used to it. Either way - lots of time to practise at the moment.

    I'm mostly just excited about all the different exercise to learn and get better at. Looking forward to being able to actually do some higher intensity circuits and stuff once I've adjusted to it. Plenty to keep me busy.

  • If you've done proper lifting before you'll have decent core strength to begin with - just start off slowly with simple things like 10 X 10 Russian swings & built it up from there

  • These are mocking me:

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  • It's funny how they look so innocent - until you try and pick them up!

  • They weigh only a couple of kg less than I do!

  • Anyone know of online retailers with turbo trainers still delivering this side of the Apocalypse?

  • The gym I used had massive KBs that were quite light and there were some little ones, obviously all metal instead of sand-filled plastic that were killers.

  • These ones are not little, nor light.
    Definitely going to use 20kg for the 500 swings...

  • Skipping in bare feet maybe not the best idea. #fuckinghippies

  • I always pick the lighter /heavier looking ones if I’m doing a kettle bell class.

  • 100 burpees done, horrific today, 2 day hangover and no motivation, I stuck a beer in the freezer at the start as a reward for when I’d finished.

  • I stuck a beer in the freezer at the start as a reward for when I’d finished.

  • 10 burpees then 50 swings repeated 10 times today, sounds horrific.

  • Tried the 100 burpees thing yesterday - made it to 70 but then couldn't get up off the floor, going to have to work my way up to the 100!

    Been doing a 10km run every other day which is going alright, though this mornings was a struggle due to the post burpees stiffness!

    Alternating between running & working out each day, been doing some Body Coach Live PE classes on workout days while I wait for the kettle bells I've ordered to arrive (if they ever do).

  • Delivery drivers are going to get jacked from all the gym equipment they are delivering each day...

  • I'm going to try and do the 100 burpees before lunch, and the 500 swings down before dinner.

  • Just waiting for the rain to stop then I'm getting after it.
    No burpees for me though, going to do the press as my strength movement.

  • Just decided that’s going to be my plan.

  • Yeah, the thought of 10 burpees and 50 swing sets made me a bit nauseous...

  • They must be insanely busy - hopefully part of thier pay structure is number of packages delivered, not just hours of the day worked.

    I have a friend who bloody loves being a delivery driver, he's particularly chirpy at the moment because everyone is in when he tries to make delivery now so isn't wasting time on people that are out!

  • Burpees complete, weirdly hitting different muscles today, shoulder and upper arms are numb. They are a great exercise, not sure whether I love them or hate them.

  • Me too, 11:43. Set of 20, 15,15, 10, 10, 10, 20 approx 1m rest in between.

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Quarantine fitness

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