Masks Work & How To Make Your Own Face Masks

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  • Mrs M_V has made a couple masks from this kind of pattern...

    But the one she made me kinda gaped out under my eyes and talking felt like it was shifting it around on my face a lot. Tried inserting a bit of spoke into the hem over the nose and bending into shape which helped but still not great. Also they have a lot of doubling over of material and sewing round curves so not the easiest to make.

    I tried one where you start off cutting round a dinner plate. There's quite a few similar tutorials on youtube listed as 'no sewing machine mask pattern'. I actually used a sewing machine which made them come together super quick and the fit seems pretty decent on my big coupon so I made a couple more for myself and made one with the missus for her too.

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  • Anyone else wearing glasses suffering from condensation with masks?

    There are some available with a one way valve thingy that alleviates the mist, but then does that open up a whole port of nastiness into the mask itself (and consecutively face)?

  • One-way valves on masks should vent outwards, so they shouldn't allow anything to come in, but might reduce the effectiveness of the mask at preventing you from showering everyone with virus if you are coughing.

  • My understanding is the point of wearing a mask is to prevent you spreading the virus if you have it but don't know (because it is early in your infection or you are asymptomatic). Masks with valves allow the virus out of the mask and to be spread so shouldn't be used when shopping, on the bus etc.

    If you want to protect yourself you need things like eye coverings, clean your hands before and after handling the mask, change your clothing frequently etc. Hard to do in a hospital, unlikely to be very effective in the normal world.

  • So this guy for instance. The valve allows air out but not in.

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  • Could be useful if you are cycling behind a sooty diesel vehicle or cutting some MDF.

  • So not useful then?

  • Does your mask have a filter on the inside?

    Separately, research on mask use:

    Conclusions. Societal norms and government policies supporting the wearing of masks by the public, as well as international travel controls, are independently associated with lower per-capita mortality from COVID-19.

  • So many mask options! My partner needs one for work. I might as well get one as well. Both of us wear glasses. Anyone bought anything they'd recommend? One of the sporty ones offered by Uniqlo or Under Armour would be awesome if they were available.

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Masks Work & How To Make Your Own Face Masks

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