Masks Work & How To Make Your Own Face Masks

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  • This seems like a fair point, but the difference between day-to-day life and a healthcare setting is people are trained in how to use PPE properly and they have proper arrangements for the disposal of contaminated masks.

  • Then goes on to explain that touch and droplets/sneezing are the main forms of transmission.

    And we're all supposed to be social distancing to deal with that, right?

  • The WHO stood by their recommendation a few days ago and were quite open about the shortage of PPE being an issue:­/coronavirus-who-masks-recommendation-tr­nd/index.html

    This is fundamentally the problem I have with this thread.

    If you start a thread saying 'MASKS WORK GUYS' and then right at the bottom of your post say 'oh yeah but you should make your own because there's a shortage', most people won't bother making their own. I suspect many won't even bother reading the whole post.

    But what they may well do in response is go out and buy face masks which are badly needed by healthcare workers, the sick and carers.

    Which is why this:

    I agree with the position that right now, it is socially responsible to wear masks whenever we go out.

    Is untrue. If you go out wearing a mask all the time, you make everyone else think 'oh I should be wearing a mask too'. Which takes them away from those who really need them.

    Also, I haven't heard a good explanation why the pro-maskers in this thread think they are better qualified than WHO scientists to make this call. Do any of you have relevant experience?

  • My wife’s a community nurse for - visiting elderly people with any number of underlying problems, including mental health issues which can mean the concept of social distancing or even hand washing is not going to be understood.

    She has one mask .. which she has been told to use if the person she visits has symptoms of C19.. presumably she’d be given a replacement at that point. Her guidelines tell her masks are not essential.

    My strong suspicion is that this guidance will change once the care-homes get over run with cases and the NHS have procured enough masks to warrant community nurses not being treated as expendable.

  • The WHO are going to review their guidance after a study in the US suggested that coughs can reach 6m and sneezes up to 8m:­onment-52126735

    The review will be done by an expert panel, not some guys on a fixie forum. So I'd suggest waiting to see what they conclude.

    Edit: This post a follow on from my previous one, not aimed at @smithchild - I think that's bonkers and your wife is exactly the sort of person who has a real need for PPE.

  • Closing the thread.

    • Do not panic buy masks.
    • Let stocks build up and reach those who actually need them.
    • Yes masks are effective (for some varying definition of effectiveness) but there's a shortage and it's extremely likely that you personally aren't high on that priority list - those who may be there trying to save your life are the ones who need them so quit the individual panic and spreading of confusing information.
  • Thread open again.

  • Thanks @Velocio

    So, who is wearing masks, and what for? We haven't done so far, but feel it's almost becoming common courtesy to wear one, at least to the shop. I know the government aren't recommending widespread use, but do we have any indication of whether there is a likelihood that face masks will be mandatory in certain places e.g. workplaces, shops, taxis? What do we need to take into account when buying a mask?

  • Thread open again.

    Thanks @Velocio, glad to see the thread opened again.

    Can I ask what’s changed your mind? As far as I can tell, the UK government and WHO advice is the same as when I started the thread and the NHS is still struggling with a lack of PPE.

  • The govt (or at least official transport systems) seem to have moved toward "have a face mask on public transport". So it seemed sensible that if people are going to start researching how to make them, etc that the thread would be open again.

    I was pinged about, so that triggered me thinking whether it being closed still made sense, and I figure not... considering most TfL advertising presently says to wear a mask (and keep 2m away from people, etc).

  • Ah great, I’m not in London so haven’t seen the TFL messages, good to hear.

  • Even better news!

    I thought this looked impressive in Paris, handing out, sealed, masks to passengers without:­260850587693809665?s=21

  • It was me that did the pinging - while it was sensible at the time to close the thread, it's more of a viable discussion point now. If someone willing to man the checkouts on minimum wage feels more comfortable that I'm wearing a mask, I want to do that. At the same time, I don't want one that's useless or contributing to shortages for key workers.

  • Oh cool, I think that’s a good choice.

    For clarification, I’ve moved the statement about health workers need for PPE to the beginning of the first post.

  • So, who is wearing masks, and what for?

    I made myself a mask using the ragmask tutorial. I used some cotton cloth I had. I’ve been wearing it whenever I go to the supermarket, on returning I’m sure to remove it by holding only the straps, putting it in the washing machine, washing my hands and then washing the mask on a 60 degree wash with towels etc. I’m going to the supermarket very infrequently so this is a fairly doable routine.

  • So, who is wearing masks, and what for?

    I’ve been masking up in the supermarket.

    Think I posted about two months ago to say both Mrs m_v and I had masked up for a supermarket trip, since then it’s only been me going in as she is more vulnerable due to asthma.

    We’ve still got the paper style masks but have also made some bandana masks and sewn some from old clothing too.

  • I keep forgetting and stepping out without my buff when I go the shops. I fell bad. It's disrespectful to the people having to work.

    If anyone has a solid link to a quality mask that's reusable, I'd need about 6 adult and 6 kids (wash one, wear one, one spare), I'd appreciate it

  • If you need a mask for situations where you may be compelled to wear one, get in touch with Thomas who can knock you up something cute like this. Don't waste or divert PPE.

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  • I keep forgetting and stepping out without my buff when I go the shops. I fell bad. It's disrespectful to the people having to work.

    Same - did the weekly shop this morning, forgot the buff I've been using. When I'm only going there once a week, shouldn't be too much for me to remember...

  • I should remember though - it'll really fuck me up if I get it! (if I haven't already had it)

    Also - most important - it's rude.

  • The mask I wore to the supermarket today (DIY mask bought in 2011, marked as expired in 2014 on the packet) started to split. Annoying.

    Most people in the supermarket weren't wearing any kind of mask.

    About a third of the people wearing masks had it round their neck or not over their nose. Feels worse than wearing a bicycle helmet without the strap done up.

  • I need to get a couple of masks, primarily as it's mandated for nursery drop offs. Can anyone give me a link to a cheap off the shelf (non-medical) mask, or how to make one at how that involves no sewing? I got no time to sew.


    Comes with a £2 donation to charity, the one and only reason I posted the link.


    Requires a bandana and hair bobbles. I bought a three pack of bandanas on eBay for a little over £3.

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Masks Work & How To Make Your Own Face Masks

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