Projects: Principia 700 / Cannondale CAAD5 Track

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  • Nice, make sure you get some all weather seals and thick grease on those hubs if you're gonna use them in the wet. What profile are the rims?

    @e54 sadly I just couldn't justify a bike that wasn't getting used. Lockdown kind of scuppered my summer track plans and apparently I like road bikes now.

  • ahh sweet - I was going to put in an offer but it looks like you beat me to it, how much did they go for in the end?

  • Full bike pic plssss

    @jono84 yea i got you
    Only not selling my orlowski as sale proceeds would most likely be unsatisfying and i therefore recently converted it to a stupid (But fun) cafe racer (with some S75 parts soonish ;-))

  • Going to take them to my LBS tomorrow I think and get them to go through them I think! 19mm cross section if I measured right!

    The carbon on the rims is looking a little dry/weathered, anyone have any tips to freshen this back up?

  • not very much above starting bid once I offered cash on collection! lol

  • Full bike pic coming this weekend when I've had a chance to get a pic in daylight! My flat is not particularly great lighting wise ;-)

  • Finishing it off now.

    Thomson finishing kit, Dura ace 7600 hubs , omniums, Chinese saddle.

    Looks particularly angry, pics tomorrow.

  • Oh and the worlds most stupid inner tube valve on a 20mm rim lmao.

  • Shakedown run today. Love it.

    Got some Zipp Service-course TB bars, little thin for my liking. Thoughts/suggestions on going to flat bars?

    Thinking some EC90’s.

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Projects: Principia 700 / Cannondale CAAD5 Track

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