Projects: Principia 700 / Cannondale CAAD5 Track

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  • Having wanted a lightweight Aluminium frame, @Dropped.Bars put me onto a nice Principia 700 in Germany for a pretty reasonable price and so I grabbed it right away. Have been looking at these for a while and was waiting for a Red or Purple one to come up in my size.

    Attached below is a picture from when it came via post about a week later, turned out it was in better condition than I thought! Stoked at this point. It came with a threaded pair of chrome 1" forks which were nice but weighed a ton.

    My original plan was to upgrade the forks to carbon 1" threadless, put on some carbon rims and and a DA9000 groupset. I chucked these current unused carbon forks I had on for reference but I managed to get some Colombus minimals on eBay recently and I'm waiting for these these to turn up in the post.

    After toying with DA9000, which is a great looking groupset, I decided it wasn't right for the build after seeing it on a couple other bikes and some pretty hilarious photoshopping (knew my a photography degree would come in handy), so Ive begun the the hunt for an Ultegra 6800 which I think will suit a little better.

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  • Next thing was the headset and wheels. I went for the forum favourite of a Chris King threadless, and was on the look for some Mavic Cosmics without the stupid logos all over them, managed to pick both of them up recently with for a pretty decent price.

    Attached below is the next stage of development! (I'm still waiting for the right forks to turn up, apologies) I'm beyond stoked with how this looks - I will put another update up when the forks, bars & beginning of the groupset bits I've picked up arrive!

    Thoughts/Critiques welcome below

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  • That paint is so good. You're welcome.

  • Sweet!

    Reminds me of the bordeaux saeco/optimo frames

    Aesthetically I will never understand the bi-color DA 9000 crank, so good choice going for the 6800 imho

    Why silver headset when everything else is going to be black?

  • Thanks man!

    Those bordeaux frames are gorgeous... can definitely see the resemblance

    Yeah I think the DA9000 look great for some builds, but not for something like this

    The silver CK is because I was originally thinking DA9000 and a chrome seat-post so I wanted to break the black up... Now that's changed, but I'm going to build it up and see how it looks, if its out of place then I'll swap it out!

    Might even still add some little bits of silver elsewhere, we'll see!

  • That escalated fast! Silver CK will work IMO, maybe match it with a silver seatpost clamp. What bars you going for?

  • Honestly.. haha!
    Thats a great shout actually on the silver seatpost clamp. Might tie it together it a little
    Haven't quite made my mind up! Any suggestions?

  • Was my initial thought, too

  • Columbus forks arrived along with the 6800 Chainset.

    One thing I know for sure now is a longer, -17 deg stem and I need to cut the steerer! 6800 was definitely the right was to go with this. Think its shaping up lovely.

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  • 6800 is gonna look real nice and that fork is way better than the ITM!

    If you don't find anything by end of next week I should have a cheap 6800 RD up for grabs.

  • Oh and for bars have a look at Ritchey Neo Classics.

  • Agreed! Managed to get everything now except shifters and a cassette but thanks man. Appreciate it.
    Also Ritchey Neo Classics are a great shout, will be keeping an eye out for some to come on eBay!

  • Update on the build.
    Most parts are here minus the seat/seatpost/stem hence the parts bin so forgive me for that.
    Absolutely love how this is shaping up.

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  • To do list after the parts turn up:
    Spray/find the downtube cable stops (anyone know some black ones?)
    Cut the steerer
    Maybe some tan walls?

  • Looks promising!

    Which saddle will you put?

  • Thanks! Appreciate it.
    Chinese Superleggera en route. Should arrive next week sometime.

  • As has been said the paint on that frame is a lovely colour.

    If it were mine and I planned to keep the silver CK headset, the next tasks would be silver seat clamp (Thomson?) and de-graphic the seat post and stem if possible. I think the downtube cable stops look fine as is.

    I'd also bring the shifters up the bars a fair bit, but that is based on aesthetics and my own bike fit. If it works for you as is, all good.

  • Thank you @Cupcakes
    This is it today after the correct seatpost and stem arrived.
    Still unsure on the silver headset, I like the idea of a silver clamp if I were to keep it though!
    Still waiting on the correct saddle to see the build in full glory but I agree with everything you said! Shifters were way to low, I raised them up but now after adding a steeper angled stem I think I need to do it again.
    Best, C

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  • Looks Great.

    Principia are one of those super-hi-end brands that seems to have been completely forgotten about!

    The frames are ultra light and stiff - but they go for absolute peanuts

  • Still lovely.
    I also vote for the silver headset, and a silver seat clamp.
    What's the seatpost model? Why not a Thomson?

  • Thanks man. I think the problem is with Principia is they’re more associated with their newer (and impo not as nice) models so models like the 700 just got completely overlooked!

  • Very very tempting for the Silver Seatpost clamp. I think Thomson do a 31.8 as well.

    No Thomson yet unfortunately :( I bought a generic alloy one from my LBS yday. Waiting for a 27.2 Thomson in black to come up at a reasonable price and then I’ll swap it out!

  • Ah mate that's looking really good, agree the shifters need to move up the bars. Still think the headset and cable stops work well with the frame graphics but the black shim I know your after would probably work better with that seatpost. Are they aftermarket pad holders? Black or O.G Ultegra grey would look better IMO. Prefer all black over gum walls on this but maybe a gold chain?

  • Waiting for a 27.2 Thomson in black to come up at a reasonable price and then I’ll swap it out!

    Glad to read that :)

  • Thanks @jono84. They are currently aftermarket holders as they’re the ones that came with the wheelset. I have the proper ultegra grey ones but annoyingly I can’t seem to get the carbon specific pads out of the silver ones. Might have another go today as I agree it doesn’t look right!
    Now that it’s finished I think I’ll be staying with all black - at least for the meantime. And actually I think a gold chain could be quite cool. Add another touch of Steeze.

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Projects: Principia 700 / Cannondale CAAD5 Track

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