Amazing, free range eggs (collection from Dalston)

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  • Ok, this is an admittedly strange post. But if you, like many others, are finding it hard to find eggs at the moment, and you're based near Dalston, Stokie, Hackney, then I can help.

    Back in 2016 I made friends with an amazing free-range egg farmer called Phil, and since then have had his eggs delivered direct from the farm to Dalston (Somerford Grove).

    I do this because I like good eggs. I get a delivery of large, very fresh eggs with deep yellow yolks about once a week and normally have some spares which I sell to other people in our street/who are local.

    At the moment it's collection only, and the eggs are £6 per 15.

    Order at or ask any questions below and I'll do my best.

    -- Simon

  • A couple of people have asked about payment:

    You can pay on collection.

  • Wish you were near kingston our local shop get sold out very early .

  • Supermarkets are rubbish for eggs at the moment. Butchers and local delis are better. One positive change from this situation might be more people shopping more locally. If I were out east I would definitely be supporting the forum heggler.

  • Yeah they hit and miss will try the locals in the next few days.

  • We live next to each other. Hi.

  • I just bought some eggs but when I run out I'll hit you up.

  • @NurseHolliday Roger that.

  • When is your next delivery? Miss having decent eggs, so will speak to a few friends as we all like nice eggs.

  • I swap sourdough loaves for fresh eggs from people in our village.

  • Love this! Nice one.

  • @ElephantBreathlynx Next drop should be here Friday in time for the weekend.

    @dancing james Love a bit of barter. Now I just need to find a baker! :)

  • Dusty Knuckle is back on the 14th.

  • Can confirm that Simon is a real person and the eggs are really good and fresh.

    (Also, lurking in the street waiting for egg exchange really enhances your lockdown experience.)

  • Just ordered 30 thanks v much for sharing

  • Great idea. Done. Thanks!

  • There's other food out there mate, you don't have to eat eggs for every meal.

  • @NurseHolliday hi mate just to let you know eggs will save us from this wretched virus cheers mate

  • he may be baking or doing some sous vide egg yolk emulsions, who knows...:)

  • Really nice idea, what temperature?

  • In case anyone else wants eggs for the 'weekend', I've got a bunch arriving tomorrow and have a few left. Order at

    Can also meet locally (whilst out for my one a day) if that would be convenient.

  • Ordered some, any chance of meeting towards E10?

    Doesn't matter if you can't, I have a bike

  • Ordered some as well! Excite!

  • Lol eggsactly.
    basically twice the price of large free range eggs from shops (a dozen is normally around £3)but with no middle man.
    See also: breweries who sell their beer from their own premises for at least, sometimes more than, the price of a similar pint in a pub- despite, again, having no middleman.
    Don’t get me wrong- business is business and the price has quite rightly been set at what the customers are clearly willing to pay. Certainly not laughing at the vendor here.

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Amazing, free range eggs (collection from Dalston)

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