CoVidal Sassoon - Ruin it yourself haircut gallery

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  • before, during, and after shots reqd.

  • Before and after, maybe. During deffers not!

  • Im back to cutting my own hair, not because of Covid but because I have absolutely no where to be that requires unshit hair. I buzz the sides and back and hack at the top.

    Can post before n after soon.

  • I have to say, I genuinely enjoy not giving a shit about my barnet. It was long, thick and annoying before and now it isn't. Success. I wonder what the back looks like?

    Problem comes if someone dies suddenly and I have to goto a funeral. You cannot goto a funeral with hair like this.

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  • Yes you can, just wear a hat, but in a respectful way.

  • Ah, the good old days of DIY buzzcuts (that then had to be evened out by the girlfriend at the time or she wouldn't go outside with you)

  • You cannot goto a funeral with hair like this.

    You can if they're a Peaky Blinder.

  • Bit of a freestyle redo on the one from the last page...
    Chucked a bunch of pink at it to hopefully stop the previous blue from sticking around for 6months or more

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  • I'm a fan.

  • v cool

  • How did I miss this thread? Had a few good one.

    Like when the mrs forgot to put the guard on the clippers in May 2020...

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  • Top work again!

    @Stoo61 @rwn - this is the content I really come here for though

  • hah! looks like she forgot three times!

  • Took a few goes before she noticed...

    Did a bit better a month later

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  • I still feel your work deserves a seperate "I am actually good at this" thread


  • It really isn’t that good when you see some of the accounts I follow on insta. I also don’t do it often enough to justify a thread lol

  • Your work really is very good for an enthusiast if not a professional. I've seen a lot of work up close that has been used in big campaigns, fashion week and entries for the British hairdressing awards and when it's 2 feet away from your face it doesn't look as perfect as when its photographed i can assure you.

  • That’s really good of you to say, really appreciated.
    As Lizzie is a unicorn every day(for over 5yrs) we generally aim for hair dos that will wash out evenly and keep looking good. Her hair is too fine to strip/rebleach to change colours so I’ve learned to work with what’s left from the previous job!
    A close friend is a pro colourist and she reckons I do ok considering we use minimal products...

    It’s easy to do a fantastic do for a shoot if you’re gonna just photograph it then strip/or dump brown over it afterwards.

  • That's true hair condition and maintenance for a paying client is a top priority but for a free or often paid model condition and what the hair looks like the next day or weeka to come is rarely even a consideration as long a it looks right for the shot. Once the shoot or show is over the colourist won't lift out or colour over their work. Whatever happens next is the models or models next colourists problem. I've witnessed some of the biggest names in the industry treat models like shit during a show or shoot. Anyway this isn't the professional hairdressing thread so I'll bore off on this one.

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CoVidal Sassoon - Ruin it yourself haircut gallery

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