CoVidal Sassoon - Ruin it yourself haircut gallery

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  • What a relief. Not a lot but it makes a big difference.

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  • Another fun one for Liz

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  • Does that stuff wash out? Or do you bleach her hair or something before getting the new colours in? Must take ages with all the different colours! Looks cool anyway.

  • Impressive work - strong colouring game there for an amateur!

    Every time I open this thread I hope to see abominations though, there should be at least a wonky bit where the guard fell off the clippers or a slice on the forehead from becoming dizzy trying to cut your own hair using 3 mirrors with a hangover. It's like someone saying "hold my beer & watch this!" then they land a backflip wearing jeans & flip flops.

  • Some colours wash out quicker than others, blue is a particular bastard to get out.
    Beyond that it’s just basic colour wheel stuff so putting pink over a washed out blue gets you purples etc.
    There are shampoos to help knock it out quicker.
    Lizs hair is too fine to bleach it out.

    Usually takes 2-3hrs.

  • hope to see abominations

    Yeah, agree. Too much success, too little failure.

  • It was about time.

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  • (sorry :-))

  • Like a potato with a face on it.

  • Like a whole new person.

  • Wait, is that long haired hippy freak in the first photo the same person?

  • Don’t think so, the void around the eyes is different: ones squared, the others rounded.

  • Just a lil trim

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  • Dog town and Zboys to Trainspotting

  • What did you do with all the hair?

  • It's in an envelope waiting to be posted to the little princess trust to hopefully help out some young person's confidence.

  • Brilliant.

    It looked too good to go to waste.

  • Giving the hair off his head and the shirt off his back. Top bloke.

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CoVidal Sassoon - Ruin it yourself haircut gallery

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