CoVidal Sassoon - Ruin it yourself haircut gallery

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  • Which dyes are you using?

  • Not all hair dyes are equal.

  • Hair dyes

    Mine certainly did

  • Manic panic(the normal stuff in tubs, not the pro tuff)
    Occasionally Directions, Arctic Fox and Crazy Color as well. The main task is thinking long term, although it’s only semi permanent some colours(blue in particular) are a bastard to wash out so worth visualising what’ll it’ll look like by the time it’s ready to do her roots again and what colours can go over the remnants of the previous job. Obvs bleaching it out constantly would kill her hair in a few months.
    What I’ve found interesting is that even within brands the texture/consistency of the dye isn’t equal which is odd. Some mp are almost like wet fudge and others smooth like shampoo.

    Although I start with a vague plan it’s very much a Bob Ross/happy little accidents approach to colouring.

  • Absolutely beautiful.

    My mohawk is currently dormant, but post covid it will return and I'd love to head up to North London for a dye job!

  • I've only just seen the digger - does it still work/start at all?

  • Thanks!

  • Anyone else just not bothered during Covid?

    Haven't had a hair cut in 18 months now

  • You’re on. I really want to try drawing on clippered sides as well....

    *this guy is the Don tho so doubt I’d achieve his levels of crispiness..

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  • Cool

  • I don’t think so. It’s one of the normally less visible inhabitants of what is known locally as the tractor field, as its most obvious resident (apart from John in his mud barn) is this lovely red Nuffield. The digger has been almost completely hidden, but there are two artic trailers in the trees behind it.

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  • Yep I am growing mine. After a lifetime of denying my curly hair I am going for it. Was dreaming of 60s Bob Dylan but currently more like Marv from home alone 😂

  • Same, I fully understand the point of conditioner now.

  • Here we are again.

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  • Solid.

  • smart. i don't know you, but i like you more than the average lufguss cleanshirt waving his monzo card around

  • They won't let me have a real bank account anymore, leave me alone.

  • I'm not sure this belongs in this thread, it's far too good.

  • Girlfriend did a bit of a tidy up last weekend which we were happy with

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  • Never been one to time things well though and decided a snow day would be the perfect time to clean shave for the first time in about 5 years today

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  • @snottyotter - you deserve some sort of edible medallion for this thread title, 10/10 - would read again.

  • Thanks. My wife will be pleased her 'skills' are being noticed. She was going for a fade but things escalated. Haha.

  • Are you going full Jamie?

  • It's my greatest achievement.

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CoVidal Sassoon - Ruin it yourself haircut gallery

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