CoVidal Sassoon - Ruin it yourself haircut gallery

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  • Trees have fucked off. It’s disco for now but seriously considering taking some hair classes. Basically I’m ok at one very niche area of hair colouring and there’s a whole world of stuff to learn...

    If any of you fuckers want a rainbow job hit me up.

  • Ed, will you colour my mohawk when the world gets sane again?

  • Thanks - I've got an appointment for the 12th July so I might just keep it going till then after all.

    So I've ruined my hair by letting it grow rather than cutting it

  • That salon supply shop I posted a link to earlier still has stock. Reckon my clippers have paid for themselves twice over now. Can’t see myself visiting a barber very often after lockdown.

  • I couldn't tell what you meant about it being trade only - do you just put in a fake workplace name?

  • Yes dude of course! It’d be an honour

  • Woot

  • I think on that site you just have to tick a box saying you're either a professional or are doing or going to do a training course. I phoned them up and told them my situation and they basically said just tick the box mate, it will be fine, and it was.

  • Fuck it. No.2’d it all off. Not much left up there!

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  • Hair was starting to get out of hand so watched this

    and gave it a shot, prior to this, I also ordered a new cap, just in cases!

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  • To celebrate the re-opening of haircutters I decided to hand my beard trimmer to my girlfriend instead

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  • Digger has had a haircut at last

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  • I've continued to cut my own hair even with the shops are open again. Saves me some cash and it's easy enough to do. who would have thought?

    guard 2,3 on the sides/back, and 5,6,7 on top. takes 15 minutes.

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CoVidal Sassoon - Ruin it yourself haircut gallery

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