CoVidal Sassoon - Ruin it yourself haircut gallery

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  • Not a bad attempt I reckon, was a fucking mess in the bathroom though, lost a good 7 inches or so.

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  • lost a good 7 inches or so

    From anyone else, I'd read this as a euph

  • Very much rate the thread title, not so much the single eyebrow

  • Hope the top of your ear grows back.

  • Gammon-esque...

  • Subbed. I look like a Lego man at the moment and I’m considering drastic action.

  • I look like a Lego man

    That'll be jaundice

  • Presciently, in expectation of a 'lockdown', I got a no.1 at the barbers a couple of weeks ago. It should last me a few more weeks before I have to join the self-shawn, or risk asking my partner or daughter to cut my hair. I'm sure they would both love to do it, but I hate to think what 'look' I'd end up with.

  • Needs before and after, definitely better than a buzz cut.

    My wife reckons we’re about three weeks away from knowing everyones true hair colour.

  • My daughter's work for your pleasure.

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  • Nailed it.

  • Is that a ghost ferret on the left?

  • I might call her that from now on

  • Bin your Wahl and buy a Remington self-cut.

  • Girlfriend's effort.

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  • Your girlfriend is sexy.

  • Felt cute, might delete later.

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  • after 20 years of cutting my own with wahl proffessionals i can highly recommend it, usually go for a No.4 all over with a bit of grading round the back

    i've had one cockup where the guard came off, left a bare patch right down the middle so decided to get the razor out and see what a slaphead feels like
    cue wearing a hat for 1 month

    they're also great for getting that andrew ridgely george michael stubble look from the 80's, saved a fortune in razor blades

  • Went alright

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  • With great risk , comes great reward.

  • No cuts going on here(my hair is thrash metal long anyway) but did top up LadyLiz’s colour the other day.

    *her roots are starting to come through but just banged a bit of purple over them for the time being as I couldn’t be arsed to bleach them this time.

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  • Nice, my wife has already pointed out we have loads of hairdye stockpiled and loads of time.

  • Dooo it!
    I dye hair for her and a couple of friends but seriously contemplating college one night a week and maybe going semi-pro in the end..
    I’d imagine I’d be the only 30-something metaller in a college full of fun campy teenagers and rude girls but could be amusing.

  • Ha, I've done it in the past plenty, but time has got in the way of late. I cheated with my hair cut really as I used to cut and dye it myself or with her help years ago, although without using a beard trimmer to shave the back and sides. Maybe I should've brought back the giant red mohawk.

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CoVidal Sassoon - Ruin it yourself haircut gallery

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