Need a frame/bike reasonably sharpish as the fugio is now aggravating my bad back, it always was too small so it's my own fault, doh.

    I've got a 58cm Genesis Fugio (Reynolds 853), I LOVE IT. However, it's a little too small for me at 6'5, I've lived with it for years because it's an incredible bike but I could really do with something a little larger.

    So, does anyone fancy a swap? The frameset is in excellent condition, so ideally I'd like a swap for a larger 853 frame and carbon fork in similar condition.

    Hit me with what you've got.

    Stay Safe.

  • I have a 54 but wish I had a 56, good luck

  • Is it the length or height? They do have very short head tubes.

  • If you can't find a swap and it comes to selling I'd be interested. Good luck with the search.

  • Height for me. It's not a huge issue, I can manage. I have an unsightly stack of spacers on at the moment and I just think longer head tubes are more aesthetically pleasing. Probably should have thought about it more before I got it all painted but hey ho

  • Yeah I just wonder whether a size up would then be too long. I’ve got a spacer stack on mine too. The front is just so low

  • For me its height, my legs are pretty long which means I need to run my saddle super high and then the bars aren't high enough....

    I knew I needed a 60 or bigger, but the 58cm was the biggest available and I loved it so much I couldn't resist.

    @jambon I'd be happy to sell the frameset if someone has a nice, steel, gravel orientated disc frameset to sell.

  • For those interested;

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    • 20200329_102627.jpg
  • unsightly stack of spacers on at the moment

    Looks about 40mm?

    I agree, saddle to bar is extreme, size up would probably help. Otherwise, rise drop bar?

  • I have a 56 but wondering if a 54 might be better - whereabouts are you and any pics of the paintjob?

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    • IMG_20190920_184818429_HDR.jpg
  • That looks proportional, if anything, flip the stem and pop some spacers under it.

  • Ye, it’s 40mm at the moment. I think the rise drop bar might look even worse than the spacers with the rest of the build. The 44mm head tube makes the spacers look even worse I think.

    @user86447 I’m in London. I’d have to give a bit of thought to it after spending the money getting it in the colour I wanted. It was powder coated at Aurum with a gloss lacquer.

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    • F340515F-E9BD-4EDE-8CF1-9D45139567B6.jpeg
  • Ooooh, that is lovely!!

    I'm only considering a smaller one so I can fit a dropper as its touch and go as to whether I can get one in


    I b*ggered my back over the weekend and, riding the Fugio is aggravating it (too low).

    So, if anyone has a nice steel/SS/TI XL frameset or bike available then hit me up. Fugio frameset will be available once a stop gap has been found.


  • Buy an onone bootzipper!

    £95 for an XL frame last week...

  • Hope the back gets better soon! Would offer up my Sabbath September but it's probably the same size if not smaller.

  • Thanks, my own fault for wrestling a 4.0 Rover V8 about on my own....

    at £95 the bootzipper is certainly a bargain, but I've got a cotic solaris here already!

    My other half has been bitten by the bug so I'm keen to nurture that interest and keep at least one road bike on the road...

  • wrestling a 4.0 Rover V8 about on my own....

    Nice, carbed or FI? Still quite interested in the frame after you find something suitable of course.

  • GEMS EFI, transplanting all the necessary bits onto a new 4.6 I've got got sat in the workshop that's currently set up to run 14CUX and vice versa. Then the 4.0 (3.9) 14CUX is going in my Series 1 and the 4.6 in my 130 :)

    Back to bikes...
    yep you've got first dibs on the fugio!

  • Are you selling the frameset?

  • If I find a suitable replacement, yes. jambon has first dibs, but you're welcome to have 2nd!

  • Not too cheap but there’s a 52cm on eBay if anyone’s interested. Force 1 HRD but shitty finishing kit


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Looking for an XL Frameset/bike - potential swap for Genesis Fugio 853

Posted by Avatar for shroppy @shroppy