Richmond park off limits to bikes

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  • Walked there yesterday evening, and it was exceptionally busy. Far too many people congregating at the Priory Lane entrance, with lots of groups of people on bikes.

    Which really sucks, as I ploughed through the WFH tasks to spend some time this weekend doing car free laps.

  • TFL staff are allowed to commute through the park if you show your staff id pass .
    No laps though 🤨

  • I'm doing a ride at the weekend that would mean riding through Richmond Park around 4am on Saturday morning.

    Having not been to the park since before lockdown, does anyone know if the gates be open to cyclists at this time?

    Otherwise I'll just route down the A3.

  • You're good. I've been there at 6am this week and cycling/pedestrian gates were open.

  • Ah great, thanks for confirming

  • What's the situation in Richmond atm?
    I can't see anything on the website saying it's closed to bikes but thought I should ask before I head down.

    Anyone been recently?

  • It’s all open to bikes - the stretch down dark hill (think that’s what it’s called) from car park to car park is closed to cars which is nice, and they also shut off sawyers hill to cars on the weekends.

    Is it a downside that people are using the road as a walkway now that it’s much closer to being an actual park? Sort of, but much better than the alternative.

    My go to at the moment now that Windsor loops have become a bit naughty.

  • It’s open afaik but it was busy with riders when I went in a few weeks ago. Just bear in mind you’ll be riding in the vicinity of a LOT of other riders. Particularly if you’re passing, you’ll be riding in the wake of a lot of other riders before passing them. I know it’s outside, but you will suddenly be coming into the proximity of hundreds of people.

  • It’s open and with plenty of space during the week but I wouldn’t bother at the weekends, it’ll be mayhem

  • Looking at the weather, probably going to be ok tomorrow!

  • Good point.... think I'll give it a miss on the weekends. Nice to know it's still open though.

    Thanks all : )

  • It's full of walkers during the day, and full of runners at night. I don't go there anymore unless I have to.

  • It's full of wankers during the day

    I read it this way, and agreed

  • better than cars tho

  • And Killer Deer.

  • yup, this is my workmate Ted being taken out by one of them there killer deer in RP­EXw

  • ha! I had a near miss once, I was. going quite quick downhill, almost shat my pants. All part of Richmond park experience IMO.

  • Shit! He ok?

  • nope, broke his shoulder and was off the bike for about 12-15 months

  • It's gotten worse. Cunts riding 5 abreast, dogs on the road, clueless runners. I'd rather ride on a205 than in the park right now.

  • I rode through at 8.30 during the week and it was markedly more busy than usual - not so much cyclists / cars but dog walkers / families etc. Can’t imagine what the weekend is like !

  • Ive stayed away from the park for ages, only go there for easy rides if the weather is proper shit = empty. Did run around it last weekend at night in the rain, empty. Headtorch and rear light.. amazing how many people think running in the road with no lights is OK.

    If it's nice out, roll out to the hills.

  • They often close part of the stretch between Robin Hood Gate and Kingston Gate to bikes too if there's been any significant snow, happened the other weekend I think.

    Ah yes:­/1353603554234261504

    Who knows whether the snow forecast in the next few days will be enough to trigger that again.

    4 or 5 years ago I cycled up Bastard Broomfield Hill and overtook a Police car that was failing to get anywhere with lots of wheelspin in 2~3 inch deep snow. I just pointed to my studded tyres and disappeared off with a Robert Webb-esque smug grin.

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Richmond park off limits to bikes

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