Sturdy Cycles Fidah

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  • Dear God.

  • yep, that looks pretty sweet to me that thing. the 'want' is increasing!
    so how does it ride? pretty sluggish & slow handling & an uncomfortable & uninspiring ride no doubt!! :)

  • That is stunning, really like the contrast with the lugs.

    I don’t feel ENVE stems though, the ‘pinch’ into and out of the spacers draws my eye (and not in a good way).

    How does it ride?

  • Looks ace, what is the reason for dropped chainstays from the bb?

    On the assumption that the rear brake hose is threaded through the BB shell, which it certainly appears to be, the dropped chainstays might also make it easier to thread the rear brake hose through the BB shell, past the bottom bracket and into the NDS chainstay. It can be done on a T47 BB even with a 30mm spindle (which this bike obviously doesn't have) but it's tight even with a BB for a 24mm axle chainset.

  • Beautiful. Watch out for sidewall tears on that GP5000's though (apparently they're common for some people...)

  • I've been really unimpressed with my gp5k's. Endless punctures.

  • Blimey, this is great!

  • Can't stop looking at this! I hope you have as much fun riding it as you do looking at it :)

  • Thanks everyone, pretty chuffed with it. First proper ride lined up after work tomorrow, can't wait to see what it's like!

  • Thanks for the photos, especially of all the interesting bits. I reckon he owes Casati a few quid for the seat post clamp (and having owned a Casati with the same configuration, I'd suggest getting a rubber bung to fit in there to prevent water ingress).

    Looks amazing - really beautifully done.

  • Took it for a ride after work today, really really pleased.

    The brief to Tom was a bike that handled and had the power transfer of my old team issue Scott Addict but also had the comfort of my old Canyon Endurace. First impressions are he's nailed it, it's easily the stiffest and most response Ti bike I've ridden yet it still has that unmistakable titanium smoothness.

    Hopefully many thousands of miles and years of happy riding awaits.

  • amazing bike

  • A few little tweaks and changes

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  • Looking fabulous.... probably dreaming of a lottery win tonight.

  • Double post.. sorry.

  • Just found this thread.. don't know how I missed it before(!)

    I settled upon Tom Sturdy in 2017 when, after 15 years on top-of-the-line carbon bikes, I wanted a bike that that incorporated my own design input and specifics: razor-sharp steering, sublime handling, ridiculously fast acceleration, stiff - yet comfortable - ride quality.

    Tom made me my 'Summer Sturdy' (the white bike below) and it rode so darned well that a year later I asked him to build me an identical frame - but with discs - as my 'winter Sturdy' (the blue one below).

    These bikes ride, and handle, better than anything I've owned/ridden before, including multiple Colnagos, Specialized, Giant, Trek, etc. Part of that is no doubt due to the fact that they're bespoke, so made-to-my-measurements-therefore-fit-be­tter-than-anything-off-the-shelf, but part of it is due to the excellent design and engineering knowledge that Tom has, ably blended with my wish list of 'Ideal handling characteristics'.

    As a person Tom is great to work with - very communicative, takes immense care, and provides the best customer service I've ever experienced.

    I must say, I am delighted - and continue to be so 3 years later.

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  • Yeah Tom is just about the nicest guy around and has been fantastic to deal with both pre and post purchase.

  • Couldn't resist taking a pic up against this really vibrant garage I went past on this morning's loop.

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  • Ti Stem to finish it off

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  • Only just saw this thread and started reading it from the beginning and thought to myself: If only it had a ti stem rather than the enve stem... so I‘m really pleased to see the latest update. Absolute dream bike that!

  • Thanks, yeah I'd been waiting for a suitable one to come up on ebay for ages.

  • Amazing!

  • Tom offered some refinishing and updates to old customers.

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  • That's super awesome

  • Stem looks even better...

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Sturdy Cycles Fidah

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