Covid Art Club.

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  • ive been laid up as ive gone dun my knee in so have had time to doodle a bit more.

  • Nice stuff rich, like the wooden one in particular. Will try to get some sketching posted this week.

  • Thanks. Yeah that one on wood worked out well. Happy scribbling 👍

  • I love the wooden one Rich

    here's my daughter's latest, this one done on the PC

  • love these. is this thread converging on a style?

  • That's graeat. Has a really good feel to it and that's hard(well I find it hard 😁) to do on a computer as it can look flat and a bit dry. 👍 Keep them comming 👍👍👍

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  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Brilliant love it. Really needed a smile as im in hospital after knee surgery. 👍👍

  • Hoped you would enjoy it. Sounds painful, get well soon!

  • There's a bit of modelling clay on my desk that was supporting a webcam, and now my meeting doodles have become 3D

    Turns out a bic biro lid is a really handy modelling tool

  • Goodness, great stuff. What a talent.

  • Yeah, good stuff. Hope el_presidente JR has access to fashion design-y books, maybe a trip to the VandA, Fashion and Textile museum in the future?

  • She watches all sorts of stuff on YouTube about art & design. I took her to the Manga exhibition at the British Museum last year which blew her tiny mind :), but the V&A is a good call, thanks.

  • very cool. those are great keep posing up her work its great to see. @brokenbetty that skull thing is ace how did you do the eyes ??

  • some more of my post surgery bits

    doing the zen circle things i found really enjoyable .

  • Clearly, she and @Rich_G need to start a new cartoon culture together. :)

  • Cheers Rich, I love the circle and the face on the japanese text - would make a nice pair framed

    Latest from my daughter, another PC sketch

  • Been playing with charcoal lately. Don't mind my poor skills (there's something wrong with perspective...), I've never had any drawing education, it's just something I discovered by accident last year (I'm 46...) and I enjoy doing. Impressed by what I've seen here. Jealous...

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  • Again very good. I look forward to her taking it seriously. :)

  • how did you do the eyes ??

    Bic biro lid! It’s the best office art modelling tool

  • "Our" Remco Evenepoel won a mountain stage in Tour of Burgos today. It gave me inspiration for this (cynical) drawing. ;)

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  • liking the charcoal. was thw 1st one drawn from memory or actually on the kayak ?
    @el_presidente thanks , i really like the one on the newspaper too reminds me of bomber man :)

    i did another one of the face on wood.

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  • No, I used a photo from a friends' FB-page who's a real kayak-fan. She took the photo. I drawed this as a gift to her as she had a motorbike-crash recently (an oncoming motorbike rider missed a turn an crashed into her) and she probably won't be able anymore to use her left arm.

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Covid Art Club.

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