Covid Art Club.

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  • Nice work @Light_EDDed, I'm face sketching too this afternoon. Some am happier with than others.

  • Good progress! You got a close up of that last page with the '5min' on? I like the simplicity of the lines.

  • This one?
    At the start of the session there's a few 3min poses to get your eye in.

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  • Yeah, good one.

  • cheers.

  • Thanks for the comments. Really appreciated. I really was to draw political cartoons so I’m really trying to get better at perspective and getting angles right.

    The problem I have is that I think it needs to be perfect. But the beauty of art is that it’s better when it’s a bit messy

  • Being too tight and precise works against things often. A teacher I had used to make us shade a background grey over a sheet of paper before we started drawing. It made it easier to keep going if you made a mistake because the paper was already dirty. Also not using a rubber to remove lines forces you to keep going and not be too precious.

  • Another face.

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  • I think a new topic.
    How about crockery?

  • Let's do it. I had the idea of 'outside' as a next theme. Might be a nice contrast after crockery for the next week or so.

  • Drawn on the back of cornflake box.

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  • Faces of hong kong

  • Always nice to catch up. Some great faces and life and still life drawing.

  • More crockery and a started Willem Dafoe on cornflake box.

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  • Guff Cat!
    The most effectual!
    Guff Cat!
    Who's intellectual!*
    Close friends get to call him "G.C.,"
    Providing it's with dignity!

  • My daughter's effort from a few days ago (she is 9), I didn't time her but she's pretty quick at sketching, this was on a post-it note

  • 9?! bloody hell, I need practice

  • A career as a cartoonist beckons. That's very good, and not only for a nine-year-old.

  • thanks - I am biased but she is quite talented ;)

  • Awesome! From someone who spent 4 years at art college and still cannot draw.

  • Thanks. She watches art how-to videos on youtube endlessly and sketches every day. I would like to get her more teaching over and above primary school art lessons but there doesn't seem to be much available outside of school. This is what she did for the JK Rowling Ichabog challenge:

  • I just asked her about the post-it note sketch, she said she did it in 5 minutes while playing Roblox with her friend because she died and was bored :)

  • Sounds like she enjoys it which is the main thing and those sketches are brilliant.

    @Rich_G, love guffcat!

  • Haven't checked in here for a while. This is very cool.

  • That is brilliant 👍👍👍 she has talent and great she is using YouTube for teaching herself. 👍👍👍👍

    Cheers all guff cat is based on our current Foster cat who is was a bit smelly and ill when she arrived she is all better now but still smelly 😁

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Covid Art Club.

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