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  • Whats wrong with Payne's Gray?

    Is this some art circle knowledge that's secret from us common folk?

  • MrsE reads about this sort of thing. Apparently it's less 'authentic' if it comes straight out of a tube, and any paint with Black in the name needs to be purged with fire.

  • I had no Idea about this. From my experience with water colour, whites and greys are a problem. They destroy the translucency that is crucial to how watercolour works. But the black thing is new to me, I love a strong black as you can probably see from a bunch of my sketches up thread.

    Im intrigued now, so going to have to read about it. (but in general principle Im in favour of people making images however they wish.)

  • She probably doesn't think the dropped 't' at the end is genteel enough. :)

  • The whole watercolour thing is new to me - part of the 'challenge' element for me was using new (in this case borrowed) materials, so I'm not claiming knowledge or understanding. I'm guessing there's more than one school of thought on the subject? Left to my own devices I'd draw using black ink or pencil - colour and water based paint since retirement has mostly been Dulux shades applied to walls...

  • Hhhnnnggggggg....
    watercolour is hard, forgot how much. Some bananas.

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  • Is there a smiley / emoticon thing for 'I think it's (another) cultural reference that I don't understand and needs explaining to me but I'm sure it is humour'?
    :) etc.

    Anyway, the whole ivory black / lamp black / Payne's grey thing has become a weak argument (in this household) now that I know they all exist in MrsE's collection of colours. I'll have my own back at some point when I'm feeling braver - possibly by being critical of her choice of soldering flux or something.

  • 1m32s.
    Sharpie on yellow paper.

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  • I always thought Paynes grey was just a substitute for black when mixing colours - sometimes black can just deaden out mixed colours. I'd tend to use black mixed with a bit of Indigo if I wanted a proper flat black. I inherited a stigma about using colours straight from the tube without mixing from my Dad; I find myself still being funny about it even when I'm using my daughters poster paints :-)

  • I love a pure indigo and I understand the lesson that it is unlikely that the colour straight from the tube will be what you need, and it encourages proper observation and engagement with your medium. But I do a whole host of un painterly things when I paint. As well as having radio/telly on in the background, Ill often mix the paint on the canvas/paper/board, use white and black straight up no mixing. Scratch it with the metal bit of the brush, use my finger to flatten, get bored and ignore the painting. And sometimes make it rubbish on purpose for my own amusement.

    But then again, real painters are real people too, and are unlikely to be the romanticised vision that is ascribed to them. I bet Titian used a cheeky bit of black when he wanted to, I know Frida Kahlo did.

  • We all know why we can't use bl...
    the dark colour.

  • Ten min study, colour added with Photoshop brush.

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  • I'm not sure how to introduce this next daubing: I am very sure colour theory is more challenging than I need to understand.

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  • les couleur diabolique

  • No true black! Vanta(?) black too. Colour profiles / print swatches are a horrible rabbit hole to themselves. Remember being told not to use black when learning as it 'deadens things' or something and blue/brown should substitute. Nice illustration though!

  • The Kapoor/Semple feud over vantablack was great :-)

  • That's great and would happily have that on one of my walls.
    I did a little but if digging in colour theory is such a rabbit hole.

  • This is great, at uni we had a short seminar on some aspects of colour theory, most of which went straight over my head. I tended towards using monochrome with a highlight colour usually a warm orange, saving myself from having to think properly about colour.

    My ink of choice is the platinum carbon ink.
    I usually draw with a fountain pen and this stuff is the business, all other inks now look like weak grey, with no depth. Its also archival, so the blackness should outlive the paper i scribble on. Don't use in a regular pen as it will clog and the usual solvents won't clear it.

    I also like rotring ink and pens.

  • I used to love this.

  • Hadn't heard of black 2.0, interesting!

  • Is there a smiley / emoticon thing for 'I think it's (another) cultural reference that I don't understand and needs explaining to me but I'm sure it is humour'?
    :) etc.

    It's a lot simpler than you think ... :)

  • Pre-Corona

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  • New 10 min challenge folks?

  • A window or doorway.
    A 10 minute version, possibly followed by a more extended study if time allows (or needs filling).

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