LFGSS Art Club.

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  • No drawing is a disaster, anything put to paper (canvas, wall, whatever surface) is a success :)))

  • View from sofa

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  • View from bedroom amended with water colour pencil and ink

  • @Rich_G @Well_is_it
    Loving both of these!

  • That is awesome

  • @nefarious @t-v thanks quite pleased how it came out the original 10 min sketch was rough! I swear time sped up. Keep the creativity going 👍

  • Aloe Vera.
    Took way longer than 10 minutes. Almost the whole length of buffalo soldiers.

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  • Really enjoying this thread.
    I can't draw to save my life so I'll stick to watching and lusting at all the talent on here.

  • This is precisely the point of the thread - that drawing ability is irrelevant. It's only 10 mins, give it a bash!

  • Whats today's challenge then?

  • Feel free to pick any from the week (self portrait, single item, scene in/from your home) and spend more than 10 minutes on it.
    I’ll set a new one for Monday - don’t want to run out of ideas too quickly!

  • Revisited the exciting pen pot, 30 mins:

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  • New theme?

  • Try and draw something using tone rather than line. It's hard to avoid line completely, or at least the emergence of lines, but try and "build" the drawing with the different tones present on the object or scene.

  • Fun initiative. Joining the club later today.

  • Time limit??? Or just keep going?

  • I think 10 minutes seems to work well for people. Setting out to do a quick drawing helps getting things going, but there's no point in stopping dead on the clock if you're enjoying yourself, or you've only got 1/4 of a drawing that you want to finish. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with only doing 1/4 of a drawing.

    The main goal is just doing a bit of something, to what extent you take it, is entirely up to you!

  • Cool I liked the thing of going back to the 10 min sketch and developing it too.

  • Did a 10 min thing of a wooden ornament

  • Difficult to avoid using lines to represent edges. Perhaps it's just me.

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  • .

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  • Subbed

  • Fun challenge. Will definitely be keeping this up. Haven't really doodled in years and it's something i'd really like to get better at.

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  • Hendricks? Good taste.

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LFGSS Art Club.

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