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  • ... and nearly as long again trying to convince the camera which way is up.
    Also - am I the only one challenged by 'automatic white balance' failing to compensate for daylight being affected by weather and time of day? Virtually every time I'm having to push the colour balance around to reduce the degree to which white paper looks blue in the photos. Never had this problem with FP4 or HP5.

  • .

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  • Gave up at the chainring

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  • This is sick!!

  • With no challenge set today I revisited day 1 to do the selfie

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  • Sorry, been v busy! Will try and conjure up a challenge- or invite others for suggestions.

  • Strong work my dude.

  • That is very appreciably you.

  • Too keep the rhythm I've done a 10 min sketch of my 2 pens I've mainly used.

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  • Day 1 re-visited. Still failing with the 10 minute target - but getting closer - 15 minutes this time! Also working from a photo rather than a mirror, which makes things easier.

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  • That is great. Jacket and open knecked shirt says Mafia Godfather.

  • The face is not quite long enough, John, and you forgot to get the Y-fronts in the frame, but otherwise pretty good. :)

    (You draw very well.)

  • I have retired from that sort of thing.

  • Playing catch up dinosaur

    Another v dangerous dinosaur

  • These are so good. As are the rest of your sketches! What do you do for a living? Art director?

  • Aw. Thanks very much.
    I wish I was an art director I'm currently a kids sports coach (2 - 6 year old) but no teaching beacuse of Covid. I've always drawn and doodled something Ive always enjoyed.

  • @Rich_G just wanted to second that I love your style. Those dinosaurs are ace.

  • Thanks all. Much appreciated 👍😊

  • Ok, a Friday Task, if @nefarious is ok with it...
    a mug/cup, drawn with the non-dominant hand.

  • My attempt

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  • Wow that's really good I just tried and can't even hold the pencil right

  • a mug/cup, drawn with the non-dominant hand.

    LOL, such a good idea! Love it.

  • IKEA 365 mug, left handed. Actually managed it in 10 minutes for once.
    Still needed three attempts to get it the right way up.

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  • That is difficult

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LFGSS Art Club.

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